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National Hairstyle Appreciation Day

National Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Whoever came up with this national day of recognition, we bet they missed the best hairstyles out there: rabbits and guinea pigs. Honestly.  What human has better hair than this? credit: pinterest We’ve got the classic Mohawk. credit: pinterest A kind of retro swingy 60s look works great for this rabbit. credit: pinterest There’s no denying street cred to … Continue Reading

rabbit myths

5 Myths about rabbits BUSTED

Rabbits have not been domestic pets for nearly as long as dogs, cats, even horses.  Buns are pretty new on the scene, really.  So, we just don’t know as much about them.  And they haven’t had as long to acclimate to us either. There are a few super common misconceptions about rabbits that we’d like to … Continue Reading

can dogs rabbits live together

Can rabbits and dogs live together?

Can rabbits and dogs live together? If you’ve decided to bring a bun into a home that already has a canine, you may be wondering whether rabbits and dogs get along. In theory, rabbits are prey animals and dogs are hunters. This can make for a slightly challenging situation… but it doesn’t mean that the … Continue Reading

Best Reference Books for Rabbits

Best Rabbit Reference Books

No mater how long we’ve lived with and loved rabbits, none of us has the answer all the time.  There are a few reference books you can keep on hand that will help quite a bit, especially in an emergency.  We recommend keeping these right there with the grooming supplies and hay, within easy reach. A … Continue Reading

Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin

Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin

We just can’t get enough of talking guinea pigs!  These two would be happy, we think, with our new pumpkin treats.  Made by one of the folks at the Missouri House Rabbit Society, these treats are high in fiber and yumminess.   Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, and soothing for the GI tract.  These … Continue Reading

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