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The Complete List Of Engaging Rabbit Toys For Beginners

Whether you're a new parent or a seasoned one seeking fresh and stimulating rabbit toys, your beloved furry companions deserve the best at playtime.

But with so many different rabbit toys out there, how do you find toys that fit your rabbit's unique needs?

Not to worry! Since playtime is important, we've compiled a complete list of engaging bunny toys that will help keep your fur-friend hoppily entertained!

The Complete List of Engaging Rabbit Toys

Before we get to the list - did you know that toys not only help keep your rabbit active and engaged, but can help prevent destructive behaviors too?

Playtime isn't just fun, it’s necessary for rabbits to imitate their natural instincts. 

Because rabbits have a tendency to become easily bored, toys can help keep your bun having fun and away from chewing on household cords and furniture.

The Complete list of engaging rabbit toys for beginners

What are some benefits of rabbit toys?


Toys encourage rabbits to stay active and engage in physical activity, which is essential for their health. Running, jumping (otherwise known as zoomies) and playing with toys can help prevent obesity and other health issues.

Mental Stimulation

Let’s face it - Rabbits are totally cute but what makes them such a lovable pet is how intelligent they are! Buns of all ages need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and stress. Offering a variety of toys provides an outlet for their natural instincts to chew, dig, and explore. 

Dental Health

Rabbits' teeth continuously grow. Chewing and munchin' on a variety of safe objects helps wear their chompers down. Toys such as natural wood, hay cubes, and apple sticks help promote healthy dental habits and can even prevent dental problems.

Hooman Bonding

Like those of us that thrive with social interaction; playing with your fur-friend and providing toys can help strengthen your bond and encourage a positive relationship between you and your companion.

The complete List Of Rabbit Toys

Now that we understand why our buns need toys - check out the top enrichment toys for rabbits below (listed in no particular order). Or hop on over to our Natural Toys and Chews for Rabbits if you're ready to start shopping now.

Fidget Sticks

Nummy flavors to choose from:  Oat, Meadow, and Rye. It's no wonder why fidget sticks are a popular choice. 

These twisted hay sticks are not only tasty, they provide a healthy source of fiber and are paw-fect for those looking to add extra nutrition to their bun's fun activity time.

Fidget sticks


Crunchy and munchy varieties: Clover Rings, Rye Rings, Honeysuckle Vine Rings and Willow Chew Rings - you can’t go wrong with a ring-shaped toy!

Buckwheat Chains 3-ringed chains made up of the leaf, flowers, and stems - chewy goodness!

Curly Q Sticks

Twisted to perfection, our Curly Q Stick is an engaging bundle of unpeeled willow sticks, shaped for some twisty fun. Oh-so-many ways to play!

curly q stick


Try any or all of our available options: Willow Ball, Meadow Ball or bundle up with the Ball Trio, which includes a willow, husk, and a natural twine ball.


Rye Twist and Meadow Twist - springiness to chomp and toss! Who thought getting more fiber could be so fun?


Two varieties: Braid Mobile, Hay and Twig Mobile - both packed with Hay Cubes and various seasonal goodies!  The delightfully nummy variety that your bun will stretch, hop, nibble, and paw at for more. 

Carol L. | Review of the Hay and Twig Mobile

Great healthy boredom buster

My bunnies love to play and pull on their hay and twig mobiles. I love them because they're made of natural products and are sturdy enough to hold together while the bunnies nibble excitedly on them.

Wonderland Play Table

The ultimate playtime toy addition - every bun wants to discover the enriching Wonderland Play Table!

Built with premium quality materials for long-lasting durability to withstand extended play.

Endless fun, so many ways to play! Scratch and chew the digging box floor, chew on birchwood legs, hop up on top, tug and chew on the mobile. Hide tasty treasures in the ropes for your companion to find!

Time to replace the bottom rope? We've got you covered with Sisal Rope - the 16 FT option will restore it.

Building the ultimate rabbit habitat

Sticks & Logs

Large Organic Apple Chew Sticks all-natural, air-dried, about 14" long, set of 3 or Small Organic Apple Chew Sticks, all-natural, air-dried, about 4" long, set of 10. It's a great natural treat that helps maintain those chompers!

Bundle of Willow allow your pets teeth to sink in. Give the full bundle to your bun and let them have fun taking it apart. 

Birch Logs, Striped Maple Logs - there's nothing better than tugging on a log. Pre-drilled holes to stuff hay and goodies in.

Engaging Miscellaneous Toys

Totally Natural Pinecones approximately 3-4", pinecones are a favorite natural forage and chew for rabbits. No varnishes or lacquers, no harsh residue from chemical cleaning.

Dried Okra Pods are a satisfying sensation, these pods crunch like mad and of course are 100% natural.

Seagrass Mats are safe and edible; these mats are a staple for small animal play areas.  Dig, dig, chew, dig, chew - your cutie will love spending hours exploring, foraging and chewing with this all natural chew toy. 

chinchilla toys

Digging Platform We've never met a rabbit who didn't love to dig.  Instead of having your carpet ruined, you can provide this lovely handmade platform!

Check out our  Sisal Rope - the 16 FT option is enough to restore your digging platform.

Our Hay Boxes It's true -  rabbits love cardboard! Our hay boxes are entirely food-safe and non-toxic; making an excellent chew toy for your pet's playtime. Check out our Premium Hay Collection.

rabbit toy digging platform

With this list of rabbit toys, you're on your way to promoting the best playtime for your beloved bun to enjoy.

So go ahead and spoil your fluffy companions with a collection of our engaging toys available: Natural Toys and Chews for Rabbits — they'll surely thank you with countless binkies and zoomies. HoPpY sHoPpInG!


We are not veterinarians, and none of our information should be construed as veterinary advice.

Before adding any new product, please consult your exotic veterinarian. If your pet is acting unwell and you have concerns for their well being, please contact your vet immediately.

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