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The Ultimate Rabbit Habitat – Quick Setup

rabbit habitat

A rabbit habitat is ever-changing. Your pet will rearrange things, you’ll rearrange things, and the longer you’re together you’ll learn exactly what your bun likes. But sometimes, a rabbit needs a home right now

So we’re here to show you how you can set up an awesome habitat using a lot of things you already have. Then as time goes on you can always swap things out and work on getting it perfect. 

But first let’s focus on quick and simple, while still taking care of all your rabbit’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for affordable options, have little time, or are simply looking to feel less overwhelmed. A rabbit habitat can come together very quickly with these tips!

Sara is going over a lot of this information on YouTube! Check out her video to get more ideas for your rabbit habitat. 

Let's Start With a Cage

So, first things first. Your rabbit needs to stay safe in a cage. A lot of rabbits get a good amount of free-range house time, but if you’re just diving into the rabbit world, then you need a cage. 

Even the house rabbits will need a cage to go home to. A space that is all their own - the ultimate rabbit habitat! 

rabbit habitat

If you have a big dog crate then this will work! Most of the rabbit cages in the pet stores are too small for your rabbit.

You can also create a cage using storage panels like these. That way you can choose the size and shape and make it fit where you need it to in the house.

Just make sure you keep some panels covering the top (Zipties work great!) because you know your rabbit hops. And use wood, tile, a waterproof mat, or put soft blankets on the bottom of the cage.  

If you have an old TV stand or something similar you could replace the doors with wire storage panels. You can really get creative with the cage.

A Rabbit Habitat Is Nothing Without The Hay

You might think this sounds dramatic, but it’s very true. If your habitat doesn’t have hay, then your rabbit can’t live there.

Most rabbits need a good quality Timothy Hay available at all times. There are a few instances where a rabbit needs a different kind of hay, but as a quick first guess 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay is your best bet.

You can also get your rabbit a quality pellet food. But as long as you have hay for your rabbit, then you have the most important basics covered. 

Grab any small bowls to use for your rabbit's food and water. A water bottle is helpful to avoid spills but a bowl will also work and sometimes a rabbit likes to splash their paws around in the water.

Just make sure they always have access to clean water.


Ah, The Litter Box!

Any box that your rabbit can sit in comfortably can be used as a litter box. You just need something waterproof of course! But you do want it large enough that the poop and pee aren’t escaping out the back.

This is actually the perfect spot to put the hay. Surprisingly putting a pile of hay in the front of your rabbit’s litter box will encourage them to poop in the litter box. As well as eat more hay

You’ll need some absorbent bedding for the litter box. This will keep your rabbit habitat smelling as nice as possible! 

A Good Hiding Place

Rabbits are prey animals, and their habitat in the wild includes hideouts. They have a strong instinct to find a cozy little hideaway for when they are feeling overwhelmed or need some alone time.

rabbit habitat

This is an important part of keeping your rabbit’s stress levels low (which affects their overall health greatly). If your rabbit doesn’t feel safe in their habitat they could become aggressive or have other behavior problems.

When going for quick and easy, a cardboard box is an excellent choice!

If you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing, we have some amazing rabbit habitat accessories that will give your rabbit the perfect hideout. (10% off with this link)

The Ultimate Rabbit Habitat Gets Your Bun Up and Exploring

Let’s talk about toys. Wild rabbits spend their days exploring and foraging for food. They’re on the move. Their minds are going all day.

If you give your pet rabbit a habitat with nothing to explore they won’t be physically or mentally healthy. And toys can be quick and easy! So there’s really no excuse to leave your rabbit's cage without them.

Here are some ideas for quick and easy homemade toys to add to your rabbit habitat. 

- A toilet paper roll with hay stuffed inside

- A paper bag filled with hay

- pinecones from the yard

- cardboard boxes that have texture cut into the bottom

- cardboard boxes full of strips of paper 

Hanging the toilet paper rolls or paper bags from their cage adds another element of fun. It can also get your rabbit pulling and tugging - just like they would in the wild.

And including hay and treats in these boxes and rolls keeps them foraging!

Long-Term Solutions For Your Rabbit Habitat

While cardboard works well as a quick setup, it doesn’t last long. Especially with rabbits around.

As you settle in with your rabbit you might be ready to swap out some of your DIY accessories for some that are more sturdy.

These wooden castles will stand up to your rabbits chewing and jumping much better than a cardboard hideout. (Get 10% off with this link)

rabbit habitat
rabbit habitat

Your rabbit will also want more variety when it comes to exploring and playing as time goes on. When you look for more toys for them, make sure you’re only buying toys that are safe for chewing.

Because anything in your rabbit habitat is going to get chewed on. Chewing is a rabbit’s job. Their teeth are always growing so they must always be chewing to keep their teeth from getting too long.

A rabbit habitat needs to have lots of opportunities for chewing. But safe chewing!

A Domestic Rabbit Habitat Should Mimic A Wild Rabbit Habitat

When it comes to setting up a rabbit habitat, it’s best to cross-reference with the outdoors. 

Having plenty of hay available mimics all the grass they would eat in the wild. 

A hideout mimics the burrow they would sleep in. 

rabbit habitat

Toys and treats should mimic sticks, logs, bushes, and other vegetation.

And a litter box keeps the inside world a little cleaner than the outside world. 

Good luck setting up the ultimate rabbit habitat. Keep it natural friends! 

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