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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chapter 217 – 3 Ring Rabbit Circus

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 217 – 3 Ring Rabbit Circus

“Goodnight, guys,” said Dad as he went around the living room and gave each bun a scritch on the head. “Try not to destroy the living room,” he said as he turned off the lights and headed off to bed.

The room went dark save for the soft glow of a night light. The bunnies blinked. It was party time!

Turbo, the new foster bun, ran over to Enzo. “Hi Enzo, wanna play?” Enzo took off after him and the chase was on! Abigail watched from the sidelines for a few minutes before she dove into the middle of the fray to play. She loved that Dad trusted them enough to let them roam free all night and play, rather than be cooped up in a cage or pen all night.

Rabbits darted all around the room. Behind the couch. Under the coffee table. Sometimes even on the couch. It was a three ring rabbit circus. Once in awhile, they’d take a break and chill before going back at it. This continued on throughout the night.

As the sun rose for a new day, Enzo thought, “OK guys, I’m going to take a nap.” He and Turbo headed off to the guest room to sleep. Abigail did a quick little solo dance around the room before she parked herself under the glass end table for her nap.

Like vampires, the rabbits disappeared at the first sign of light and all was quiet.  

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