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Through Abigail’s Eyes: A Cozy Christmas (138)

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CHAPTER 138 – A Cozy Christmas

Mocha and Hobo watched with curiosity as Dad pulled a shiny bush out of a box. “Was it something to eat?” they wondered.

“Look boys! I got you a Christmas tree. It’s just like the one I had as a boy, except a lot smaller. I thought an aluminum tree would fit right in with your new starship Bunnyprise décor,” said Dad. Hobo looked at Mocha and said, “This must be one of those weird human things.”

They watched as Dad decorated the tree with tiny colorful dewdrop lights and little shiny colored balls. He stood back and admired the tree. “Isn’t it beautiful?” he asked, “Now, where should we hang your stockings?” Dad scanned the room. There really wasn’t a good spot for them. “Hmmm. I have an idea!” he said.

About a week later, Mocha and Hobo were lounging on the Bunnyprise one afternoon when they heard Dad approaching. His steps were slower than usual and he was grunting. The door burst open and a big box came through. Hobo raised one ear. “What is that?” he wondered. Mocha said, “Maybe it’s a new box to play in!”

The boys watched as Dad opened the big box. Out came another big box. “Look guys,” said Dad, “I got you a fireplace! It’s a heater, too!” The boys came over to check it out and sniffed at it. Dad explained, “Now we have somewhere to hang your stockings!”

Dad set up the fireplace and plugged it in. The electric flames looked pretty real. He wrapped some cord guard around the power cord so they wouldn’t chew on it. Then he placed the aluminum tree on top and hung their stockings on each side of the fireplace. “There. Now you’re all set for Christmas!”

Dad cut a couple of openings in the cardboard box. “Here’s one of your Christmas presents!” he laughed. He knew how much they liked to climb inside boxes and chew on them.

As darkness fell, the rain began to fall and the wind started to gust outside. Dad stopped by for his nightly visit with the boys. He opened the door to their room and peered in. There sat Mocha and Hobo, cuddled together in front of the fireplace. It was a heartwarming scene. Before they came to live with him, he always worried about them living outside on cold rainy nights. Now they were safe and warm and cozy.

The warm air from the heater felt good on their coats. Mocha and Hobo closed their eyes as they waited for Santa Bun.

A Cozy Christmas

Mocha and Hobo wait for Santa Bun by their new fireplace aboard the starship Bunnyprise. 

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