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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Starship Bunnyprise (108)

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CHAPTER 108 – The Starship Bunnyprise

Mocha’s and Hobo’s suite aboard the starship Bunnyprise.

“Well, Captain Hobo and Mr. Mocha, welcome to your new quarters aboard the starship Bunnyprise,” chuckled Dad.

After a month of remodeling, Mocha’s and Hobo’s room transformation was finally complete.

Mocha and Hobo looked down the length of the room. It seemed so big and spacious now! There was lots of space to run. They looked up at the high vaulted ceiling. Sunlight shined in through the skylight and reflected off the white walls, making the room bright and cheery. Running around the perimeter of the room was a strip of blue light—requisite accent lighting aboard any starship.

Dad began the tour of their new room like a bellman presenting a hotel suite to guests, “Over here you’ll find the switches for the accent lighting, where you can change color to suit your mood, the space-age table lamps for soft mood-lighting, and the overhead lights if you want natural daylight in the evenings.

Inspiration for the remodel came from the TV show The Orville.

“Down at the far end is the control panel with the main viewing screen so you can see where we are going.” Embedded in the wall and set behind some dark Plexiglas was a large video screen that played an endless video loop of planets and stars passing by. Above it, adding to the starship bridge theme, was a large digital clock.

The Bunnyprise control panel resembles SpaceX’s rocket capsule, complete with view screen to watch the stars go by.

In another window, a comet soars by a planet.

Simulated windows offer a view into space.

Dad continued, “If you look through the window on your left, you’ll see the starship Enterprise leaving space dock. Oh look! In the window on the right, there’s a comet soaring above a planet.” Dad had made large metal prints of space scenes to simulate windows looking out into space.

The life support systems. All cords are safely hidden behind Cordmate covers.

Hobo and Mocha in the “galley” next to the “life support systems”. Note all the cords are safely hidden behind Cordmate covers.

Of course, more important to Mocha and Hobo was the food station. Dad explained, “Over here on the left is the galley where your meals will be served. Water and food pellets are available anytime. Next to the galley are the life support systems for heating and air conditioning. There’s also an air purifier to filter rabbit fur and dust out of the air. If you look up, you’ll find your entertainment system.” A large flat-screen TV hung on the wall above them. Dad added, “If you’d like some soft background music, the stereo system is over here on the right.” Hobo looked at Mocha and thought, “This is quite a step up from the hutch we used to live in!”

Also on their right was a modern-looking teal-colored couch, which could also be used as a recliner or a bed. Dad explained, “It’s low enough for you to hop on to, but high enough off the ground to give you a nice big hidey-spot!” Mocha slunk under the couch for a look. It felt safe under there, yet he could see everything that was going on in the room. He approved. Two paws up.

As they stepped further into the room onto the vinyl-flooring, Dad explained, “Here’s your activity area. I call it the ‘mess hall’ because you can make as big a mess as you want and it’s easy for me to clean up. The bathroom is on your left and beside it is your hay buffet. For your entertainment, there’s some cardboard and a piece of sheetrock for you to tear at to your heart’s content, and fresh willow leaves and branches to chew on. We’ll work on some more rabbit furniture later. And don’t worry, you’re safe because all the electrical cords are covered behind the Cordmate baseboards.”

Hobo likes the vinyl flooring because it’s cool. Dad likes it because it protects the carpet and is easy to clean.

Hobo flopped down on the vinyl floor. It felt cool. He liked it.

“And finally, behind these big white doors is the cargo bay, where we store your hay and other supplies,” said Dad.

Dad laid down next to Hobo and Mocha on the thick carpet. There was plenty of room for him to sprawl out on the floor and be nose-to-nose with them. The room was clean, comfortable, and a good place to hang out with the boys now, so they could spend more time together.

Dad stroked Mocha’s head. Mocha rested his chin on the floor and closed his eyes. Dad said softly, “Remember how I used to say that someday I’d like to give you a better home? Well, this is it. We are finally there. You’ve waited patiently for a long time for this. I hope you like it.”

The boys are content in their new home.

Hobo gets a drink in the galley while Mocha naps in his favorite spot under the couch.

Mocha understood. He looked up at Dad and gave him a nose bump to thank him.

Editor's Note: This is what happens when you're a guy sheltered in place at home with rabbits, and have no spouse to reign you in...

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