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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Abigail Meets Rocky (143)

Abigail at her typewriter

Chapter 143 – Abigail Meets Rocky

It was a quiet, sunny morning. Finished with breakfast, Abigail half-napped in her spot by the floor-length window while Dad answered emails. Suddenly, a noise behind her jolted her awake.

She spun around to look out the window and found herself face-to-face with Rocky the squirrel. Rocky was about the same size as Abigail. Rocky peered in the window and asked, “Hey! Is your Dad in there? We’re hungry. Can you ask him to put out some more food for us?”

Off in the distance behind him was his mate, Terri, wringing her front paws and shouting, “Rocky! What are you doing?” Rocky turned around and replied, “I’m just asking the rabbit to get the human to give us some more food!” Terri was not as bold as Rocky was.

Abigail replied, “Yeah, he’s here. I’ll get him.” She thumped.

Dad looked up from his computer. “What’s up, baby?” he asked. Then he saw Rocky peering in the window. Rocky stood up on his back feet. “Got any more food in there?” he asked.

Dad laughed, “Oh, OK. I get it. I’ll be right there.” Dad headed downstairs and by the time he emerged onto the deck, Rocky and Terri were already waiting for him.

Dad had been feeding the squirrels in his yard every morning for 26 years, so he knew the drill. He poured several piles of nuts around the deck. As they devoured the nuts, Rocky said to Terri, “He’s pretty smart for a human!”

Dad went back upstairs to finish his email and Abigail settled back down into her loaf position. It was a quiet, sunny morning again.

Abigail meets Rocky

​Rocky the squirrel asks Abigail for a favor.

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