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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Abigail Sends A Valentine (91)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 91—Abigail Sends a Valentine

“Abigail! Valentine’s Day is almost here. Is there anyone you want to send a Valentine to?” asked Dad.

Abigail thought for a second. “Oh yes! I want to send a Valentine to Gizmo, that handsome Netherland Dwarf whom I met online last year! Can you help me make one?” she asked.

“Sure, Abigail. I can do that,” replied Dad.

Abigail watched as Dad got on his computer and created a photo of her with Gizmo. He placed the photo inside a heart. “How’s this?” he asked. “You two look very cute together. We can print this on a metal ornament and send it to Gizmo. But you know, his brothers will tease him a lot!”

Abigail twitched her nose. She remembered how they had teased him when she sent him some willow wreaths, “Gizmo and Abigail, sittin’ in a tree…” “That’s OK,” she thought, “He’ll know I like him the most.”

As much as she liked Gizmo, in her heart-of-hearts, she knew Dad was her real Valentine. And she was Dad’s.

Abgail sends a Valentine

Abgail sends a Valentine

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