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CHAPTER 229 – Abigail Thumps

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 229 – Abigail Thumps

Abigail was anxious. The 100 votes she had cast for her friend Jack-In-The-Bag the day before had propelled him into first place in the special needs animal calendar contest. She wondered if he was still in first place. As soon as Dad sat down for breakfast, she hopped onto the coffee table and stared at him, thinking, “Dad, could you check and see how Jack is doing?”

Dad clicked open the web page and said, “I’m sorry Abigail, he’s back in second place. I guess the cat he’s competing with has a lot of supporters. He is a cat, you know. There are a lot of cat fans out there.”

Abigail thumped. She was tired of rabbits coming in third all the time. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to do this by herself. It was time to rally the troops! She looked at Dad and thought, “Let’s get the word out to all of my friends. Like I said before, there’s power in numbers – there are a lot of rabbits out there, too! Ask them to vote at

Dad agreed and sent the word out. As soon as the news broke, Jack’s numbers started climbing. Within a few hours, he was back in first place. Dad announced, “Abigail! It’s working! Your friends have pushed Jack into first place!” Abigail was excited.

The next morning, as soon as Dad sat down for breakfast, Abigail was sitting on the red fleece covering the coffee table, staring at him. Dad said, “I suppose you’re wondering how Jack is doing. Just let me finish my breakfast and I’ll check.” Abigail just sat there, staring at him. Dad got the message. “Alright, alright. I’ll check now,” he laughed.

Dad brought up the contest screen and gasped, “OMG Abigail! His vote count has doubled since yesterday! He’s ahead by a wide margin now! Go bunny power!” Apparently, when Abigail thumps, bunnies listen! Dad added, “Wait, there’s more! Some of your friends have sent you messages saying that since the contest doesn’t end until September 30th, they’re holding back some votes, just in case he needs another boost at the end.”

Abigail was thrilled. She was thankful for all her loyal rabbit friends. She knew she could count on them!

Jack-In-The-Bag rockets into first place in the calendar contest after Abigail rallies the troops.

Jack-In-The-Bag rockets into first place in the calendar contest after Abigail rallies the troops.

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