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Through Abigail’s Eyes: CHAPTER 210 – Abigail’s Book

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 210 – Abigail’s Book

Abigail hopped up onto the coffee table to join Dad for breakfast while he checked his email. As she nibbled on her treat, Dad announced, “Abigail, you have a message from your boss, Belinda. She says it’s the 4th anniversary of publishing your stories and wants to know if you want to do anything special.”

Abigail stopped chewing and thought about it for a minute. Her goal had always been to make the world a better place for rabbits by sharing her experiences and she liked to help other bunnies in need. In the past, she had raised money by selling shirts and even chocolate bars. She looked across the coffee table and saw the book that Dad had written. She had watched Dad publish his car books and even helped him check the proofs. She had an idea!

She thought, “Dad, could we take some of my stories and publish a book? Maybe people who have kids who want a rabbit could read them as bedtime stories and learn more about life with a house rabbit. We could sell it and raise money for my rescue fund.”

Dad said, “That’s a wonderful idea! I think I can help with that. Let me work on it.”

Since her early stories did not have photos, Dad spent some time digging through old pictures to find photos to accompany them. Then, he put them all together in a book. A week later, Abigail was napping in her spot when Dad announced, “Hey sweetie. I put your book together. Wanna take a look?”

Abigail watched Dad leaf through the pages. Each story took up two pages. On the left was a photo and on the right was the story. They were the first 25 stories of her life with Dad. The memories came flooding back as she re-lived those early days when she first came to live at the House of Buns.

“This is great! Good job, Dad!” she thought, “Can people buy it?” Dad replied, “Yes, it’s available to order online! The profits will go towards your rescue fund.”

“OK,” thought Abigail, “Maybe Belinda could be my agent and help me promote it!”

Abigail was so thrilled, she binkied. She thought that was just the perfect way to commemorate her 4th anniversary.

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Abigail publishes her first book!

Abigail publishes her first book!

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