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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Abigail’s Christmas Wish (137)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 137 – Abigail’s Christmas Wish

Abigail stared at her little Christmas tree. It was white, with pretty blue lights. This time of year always seemed kind of magical to her. Even though it was cold outside, she was warm and cozy inside.

“Are we going to deliver gift bags to the shelter bunnies this year?” she wondered. Last year, she and Dad helped Auntie Heather deliver hundreds of gift bags to rabbits who were waiting in shelters to find their forever homes.

“No sweetie, I’m afraid not,” said Dad, “Everything is closed to visitors because of the virus.” That made Abigail sad.

Despite the pandemic, Auntie Heather at the Rabbit Haven had continued to find homes for hundreds of rabbits this year. But there were still about fifty rabbits in her foster network, waiting to find permanent homes.

Abigail wanted all bunnies to know the happiness and love she felt. “My Christmas wish is to find loving forever homes for all of them. Is there anything we can do to help?” she wondered.

Dad said, “Well sweetie, the foster buns are already in nice homes, they’re just not forever homes. Auntie Heather is really good at finding homes, but it starts with a good picture to put on the website. It’s like a dating profile. They need a good photo to get noticed. Unfortunately, since there aren’t any adoption shows anymore, I haven’t been able to take their photos.

Abigail had a bright idea. “Let’s invite them here and you can take their pictures!” she thought.

“Sweetie, that’s a great idea, but it will take some work to get all the foster parents to bring their rabbits here.” said Dad, “But we can try.” He worked with Auntie Heather to schedule three days where every fifteen minutes, foster parents could bring their rabbits to the driveway. Dad could take their picture in his garage studio and then hand the rabbit back.

The foster parents were a dedicated bunch and were all in. It was like a McDonald’s drive through as they filed through one-by-one. They were long days, but Dad didn’t mind. He loved all bunnies.

In the evenings, Abigail sat by Dad’s feet as he went through the thousands of pictures to pick out the best ones and edit them. She liked being near Dad. “Well Abigail, hopefully these pictures will help make your Christmas wish come true. Let’s hope all these bunnies find loving forever homes in the new year,” said Dad.

Abigail was happy. Maybe she couldn’t deliver gift bags, but at least she found a way to help her fellow bunnies.

Abigail chooses her favorite photos of bunnies looking for their forever homes. 

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