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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Advanced Bun Communication (166)

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CHAPTER 166 – Advanced Bun Communication

Bentley had always been good at communicating with Dad. He could usually get his point across. Like the first time he got the “bunny buffet”. He sampled everything, ate what he liked, and then carefully placed what he didn’t like neatly arranged in the middle of the tray.

Or when he left a pile of poop between the dresser and the media center to let Dad know that’s where the new loo should be located.

But Bentley noticed that Dad never understood what was wrong when he gave him the bunny butt. Dad would ask, “Are you mad at me about something?” Bentley would stand up, turn his butt towards Dad and sit back down. And Dad would say, “OK, I get that you’re upset. But I don’t know what about.”

Late one night, Dad hadn’t shown up for Bentley’s early evening pet session. Bentley was miffed. Rather than give Dad the bunny butt, when Dad came to bed, Bentley just stayed in his burrow under the bed and refused to come out.

“No pets tonight, Bentley?” asked Dad. Bentley ignored him. “OK. Good night,” said Dad as he turned off the light.

Clearly, Dad didn’t get the message. Bentley stewed about it that night. He wanted his pets. But how could he let Dad know?

The next morning, Bentley heard Dad stir above him on the bed. He was always good about waiting until Dad woke up before he started his activities. Bentley slunk out from under the bed. He periscoped up on his back feet to make sure the coast was clear and then hopped onto the bed.

Dad was still laying there, still half asleep. Bentley hopped over to Dad and sat on his back.

Dad said, “Good morning, Bentley.” Bentley thought, “I want my pets!”

Dad opened one eye and watched. Bentley hopped off his back and jumped down to the floor. He hopped over to the vent by the fireplace and sat down, looking back at Dad. Dad knew that was the spot where he liked to be petted.

“You want pets?” asked Dad. Bentley looked at Dad and thought, “Yes, please!”

Dad rolled out of bed and onto the floor. He laid down in front of Bentley. Bentley lowered his head. Nose-to-nose, Dad slowly stroked Bentley’s head and ears. Bentley closed his eyes and relaxed. Finally! He had gotten his point across!

Bentley waits in his petting spot to let Dad know he wants pets.

Bentley waits in his petting spot to let Dad know he wants pets.

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