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CHAPTER 249 – Be My Valentine

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CHAPTER 249 – Be My Valentine

Bentley waited patiently on the floor of Dad’s bedroom. It was early morning. He knew Dad liked to sleep late, so he kept quiet and didn’t wake him. Eventually, he saw Dad sit up in bed. Dad looked down at Bentley and said, “Good morning, Bentley! How are you?”

Bentley was sitting in his petting spot by the dresser, so Dad knew he wanted pets. He laid down on the floor next to Bentley and asked permission, “May I pet you?” Bentley thought, “Oh yes, please!” This was Bentley’s favorite time of day. This and bedtime. That’s when he got quiet time with Dad. Just the two of them.

Dad stroked Bentley’s long “chocolate-dipped” ears, as he like to call them. Bentley practically cooed. He closed his eyes and relished the moment. Dad whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love that you’re the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.”

Bentley thought for a moment and asked, “I know Valentines are usually boy and girl, but would it be OK if you’re MY Valentine?” Dad smiled and said, “I think that would be just fine, Bentley. I would love to be your Valentine.” He gave Bentley a kiss on the head. These were the moments Dad treasured.

Even though Bentley knew there were other rabbits in the house, he always felt like he was the only bun when the two of them were together. He felt special.

Dad and Bentley share quiet time together twice a day.

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