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CHAPTER 251 – Big and Little Go to the Vet

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CHAPTER 251 – Big and Little Go to the Vet

After Dad gave Hobo his daily injection of penicillin, he gave him some pets and leaned in to give him a kiss on the head. Hobo’s breathing was still raspy. Dad noted, “It’s been a couple of weeks since we started you on penicillin, but you still sound congested. I think we’d better take you back to the vet for a checkup.” Hobo wasn’t crazy about the idea, but generally speaking, he was a pretty easy going rabbit.

Then, Dad went upstairs to give Abigail her nightly massage. As Dad stroked her head and ears, he noticed the fur around her eyes was matted. He knew that watery eyes could often be the result of dental issues. Still, she was eating fine and active. “Are your teeth bothering you, sweetie?” he asked. Being a rabbit, she didn’t like to show any signs of weakness, so she just replied, “No, Dad, I’m fine!” even though her cheek was bothering her. Dad said, “Well, Hobo has an appointment at the vet this week. Just to be safe, why don’t you come along.” Abigail didn’t like the sound of that.

A couple of days later, Abigail found herself in her little carrier in the back seat of the car. Next to her was big Hobo in his large carrier. “OK, guys, you ready? Off to the vet we go!” announced Dad. Although Abigail knew Hobo lived at the House of Buns, they had never been formally introduced. She peered through the holes in the carrier and said, “Hi, I’m Abigail. What are you in for?” Hobo looked back, “I’m Hobo. I’m kind of congested. It’s no big deal, but Dad wants to take me to the vet again. What about you?” Abigail replied, “My eyes are watery. My cheek is a little sore, but it’s no big deal. Same thing, Dad wants the vet to check me out. I hate going to the vet!” Hobo was a little easier going about it. He reassured her, “Aww, don’t worry. It’ll be OK. I’ll keep you company.”

At the vet, Abigail was first. Dad placed her on the examination table, but she quickly pawed at him and hopped into his arms. He was her protector! Her super-vet, Dr. Stern, gave her the once over and observed, “One of her back teeth is growing sideways and cutting into her cheek. Another one has some white puss around it. It may have to come out.” She heard Dad say, “Well, as long as you have to knock her out, can you take another x-ray and see how that mass in her chest is doing?” Dr. Stern replied, “Sure.”

Then it was Hobo’s turn. Dr. Stern listened to his breathing and concluded, “Yes, he has an upper respiratory infection. I’ll take another culture and send it to the lab. Until we get the results, let’s give him some broad spectrum antibiotics to see if that helps.” Dr. Stern left the room to write up the prescription.

Abigail had been staring at Hobo from Dad’s arms, so Dad gently set her down next to him on the examination table, ready to grab her if either made an aggressive move. To his surprise, Abigail pawed at Hobo like she was fluffing a pillow and then snuggled on top of him like he was a giant pillow. Hobo didn’t seem to mind at all. Dad cooed, “Aww, you guys look so cute together. My biggest with my smallest!”

Dr. Stern returned to the examination room. Abigail heard her say, “I don’t want to wait on her tooth. If it gets worse, she might stop eating, and it’s almost the weekend. Our surgery schedule is pretty full tomorrow, but I can try to squeeze her in. Can you leave her overnight?” Reluctantly, Dad agreed. Abigail thought, “Nooo!” She snuggled even closer to Hobo. Dad picked her up, gave her a hug and a kiss, and apologized, “I’m sorry sweetie. I have to leave you here tonight. But I promise, I’ll come get you tomorrow. Don’t worry.”

Abigail looked back at Dad as the vet tech carried her into the back. And then the door closed.

Big Hobo comforts little Abigail at the vet.

Big Hobo comforts little Abigail at the vet.

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