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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Break Time(134)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 134 – Break Time

It was past midnight. Abigail sat on the floor staring at Dad, who was bathed in the soft blue glow from the computer screen, hoping to get his attention. Dad had moved his computer to the dining room so he could be closer to Abigail when he worked. But he was lost in thought and oblivious to Abigail.

“Dad needs to take a break,” thought Abigail, “But how do I get his attention?” Dogs bark. Cats meow. But rabbits don’t make sounds. “I know!” she thought.

Abigail ran into the dining room and began circling the dining room table as fast as she could. It worked. Dad looked up from the computer and said, “Hi Abigail! Whatcha want?” Abigail paused for a moment, looked at Dad, and then ran some more circles before stopping at the entryway to the living room.

“You want to play?” asked Dad. Although it would have been easy to keep on working, Dad remembered the vow he had made before he adopted Abigail, that he would always make time for her. He quickly saved the file and ran over to Abigail. “OK, let’s play tag.”

“OK!” thought Abigail. She tore off through the living room like the starship Enterprise going into warp drive and ran behind the couch. Dad chased after her. “Where’s my little girl?” he asked. But before Dad could tag her, Abigail darted out from behind the couch and ran back into the dining room. She let Dad catch up before she started circling the dining table. Dad chased her around the table, but she was too quick.

After several laps, she ran out of the dining room, but just like a rabbit, she veered left and darted into the guest room and under the bed. Dad searched the living room, calling out her name, but she was nowhere to be found. Abigail giggled to herself.

Then she heard Dad approaching. “Are you in here?” he asked, looking into the guest room. Dad peered around to the side of the bed. “There you are!” he said. Abigail sped under the bed and out the other side and back into the living room. “Bet you can’t catch me!” she thought.

Dad chased after her, but he knew he couldn’t catch her. She was way too fast. Abigail loped out from behind the couch and took a drink of water from her water bowl. Then she settled into her loaf position by the window.

“Are we done?” asked Dad. Abigail thought, “You can go back to work now. I just thought you needed a break.” Abigail thought of herself as the household manager. Dad smiled. The little household manager was right. He did need a break. He gave her a little thank-you scritch on the head and went back to his computer.

Abigail thinks Dad needs a break.

​Abigail thinks Dad needs a break. But how can she get his attention?

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