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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Breakfast With Dad (167)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 167 – Breakfast With Dad

Abigail watched Dad rush into the living room with her orange breakfast tray. As he set it down, he said, “Here you go Abigail. Here’s your breakfast!” Just as quickly as he arrived, he left the room.

Abigail was taught good manners and she always waited for everyone to be ready before she started eating. Normally, Dad came right back with his own breakfast. But today, he was banging furiously at his ‘puter. So she waited. And waited.

A half hour passed by before Dad reappeared with his coffee and cinnamon roll in hand. “Hi Abigail. Sorry, I know I’m late. I had to get some stuff out right away. But I’m here now!” Dad noticed that she had not touched her breakfast yet.

Abigail watched Dad sit down on the floor with his breakfast. She hopped over to the coffee table and sprung up onto it. (Now that Dad had covered the glass coffee table with fleece, she was comfortable being on it.)

Abigail sniffed around the table until she reached his cinnamon roll. Like a good girl, she did not touch it, though. She looked up and thought, “Hi Dad! May I join you for breakfast? Whatcha having?”

Dad smiled, “Aww, that’s so sweet of you to wait for me, Abigail. Yes, you may join me. I’m having a cinnamon roll. Would you like some treats?” He placed a few treats on the table for her. Abigail nibbled on her treats while she watched Dad eat his cinnamon roll.

It warmed Dad’s heart when they did things like this together.

Abigail waits for Dad so she can have breakfast with him.

Abigail waits for Dad so she can have breakfast with him.

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