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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Brotherly Love (193)

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Chapter 193 – Brotherly Love

It was late at night as Hobo and Mocha snuggled next to each other on the Starship Bunnyprise. As a bonded pair, they were virtually inseparable.

Dad came through the door and announced, “Hi boys! It’s treat time! But first, Hobo needs his medication.” Hobo had been on antibiotics for a few weeks to fight off an infection. Since the two of them ate together, he couldn’t just mix the medicine in with Hobo’s food.

Hobo looked at Mocha and said, “Oh no. I hate it when he sticks that thing in my mouth. It’s not that the medicine tastes bad, I just hate being messed with.” Mocha understood. He had watched this nightly ritual for quite a while and always felt sorry for Hobo as he struggled to get away. He decided tonight he was going to do something about it.

Dad knelt down next to Hobo, holding a syringe in his hand. He apologized up front, “I’m sorry Hobo. I know you hate this, but it’s for your own good.”

As he leaned forward to give him the medicine, Mocha threw himself over Hobo to protect him and thought, “No, Dad! Hobo doesn’t like this. Stop doing this!” Dad explained, “I know he doesn’t like this, but he needs his medicine.”

Dad tried to reach Hobo, but Mocha stubbornly refused to budge. “Leave him alone!” thought Mocha. It was true brotherly love as he tried desperately to protect Hobo.

Dad said softly, “Mocha, that’s sweet of you to try and protect him, but really, this is for his own good.” He gently lifted Mocha off of Hobo and gave Hobo his medication. Hobo struggled and grudgingly took the medicine while Mocha circled them with concern.

In a few seconds, the ordeal was over and Dad let Hobo go. Hobo ran off to the opposite side of the room with Mocha following closely on his heels. The two huddled together in the corner. Dad went over to them, gave Hobo a pet on the head and a treat. Then he gave Mocha a treat too, for trying to protect Hobo. It was truly the love of a bonded pair.

Mocha throws himself over Hobo to protect him.

Mocha throws himself over Hobo to protect him.

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