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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bun Dad Day (163)

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CHAPTER 163 – Happy Bun Dad Day

Bentley was on a mission. He gnawed away at the cardboard box. It was Father’s Day, also known as Bun Dad Day here at the House of Buns, and he wanted to give Dad a gift. He dug deep into his burrow and found a model car for Dad. Bentley knew Dad liked cars – almost as much as bunnies! Bentley was determined to peel off the wrapper so he could present Dad with just the car.

Crunch, crunch, crunch he went, sounding like a rapid fire staple gun as he chewed around the box. Then he grabbed one end of the box with his teeth and swung it to the right, flinging the green model car out. “Got it!” he thought. Using his nose, he shoved the car out of the closet onto the floor where Dad would see it. He could hear Dad making breakfast upstairs so he waited at the bottom of the stairs for Dad to come.

Dad put the finishing touches on the eight breakfast trays. He grabbed Bentley’s tray and headed downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a shiny new green model car sitting in the middle of the hall. Behind it sat Bentley, looking very proud.

Dad smiled, “Why Bentley, what have you got there? Is that for me?”

Bentley thought, “Yes Dad. Happy Bun Dad Day! I want to thank you for being such a good bun dad. Look, I even peeled it for you!”

Dad set the tray aside and knelt down to pet Bentley and praised him, “Oh Bentley, that’s so sweet of you. You’re such a good bun! Thank you!” He picked up the car and set it on the shelf for he knew it was important for him to accept Bentley’s gift.

Bentley was happy. Not only was he lucky to have a good bun dad, he found just the right present for him.

Bentley finds just the right gift for Dad for Father's Day.

Bentley finds just the right gift for Dad for Father's Day.

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