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CHAPTER 237 – Calendar Boy

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 237 – Calendar Boy

“Yeah, yeah, my heart's in a whirl
I love, I love, I love my little calender girl
Every day (Every day) Every day (Every day)
Of the year
(Every day of the year)” sang Dad as he sat by the computer.

Abigail stared up at Dad with a curious look and thought, “Dad, what are you singing about?”

Dad replied, “Oh Abigail. I’m putting together next year’s Rabbit Haven rescue calendar. I have so many photos to choose from. They’re all so cute. It’s hard to pick just twelve! I think I’ve narrowed it down, but now I have to pick the cover bun. Maybe you can help.”

Dad gently picked up Abigail and placed her in her extra small cuddle pod and set her in front of the screen. Dad explained, “It’s down to either Janie the white rabbit or the photo I took of Enzo back when I first met him at the shelter. They both have blue backgrounds, which is the Rabbit Haven’s color. Janie is awfully cute looking up at the camera. What do you think?”

Abigail looked at both and pondered for a moment. She wondered, “Didn’t this year’s calendar have a white bunny looking up from a blue background?” Dad replied, “Why, yes it did!” Abigail thought, “I think that might be too similar. Go with Enzo. He’s so handsome. He deserves to be on the cover! Plus, he’s our own personal rescue. You could tell about his rescue in the calendar since you know his story. I think people would like that.”

“OK. Enzo it is!” agreed Dad, “Thanks, Abigail.”

Dad set Abigail back down on the floor. She hopped off to find Enzo and tell him the good news!

To see/order the 2023 Rabbit Haven calendar, click on this link:

Abigail helps Dad choose the cover bun for the 2023 Rabbit Haven calendar.

Abigail helps Dad choose the cover bun for the 2023 Rabbit Haven calendar.

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