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CHAPTER 254 – Catching Miss Abigail

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 254 – Catching Miss Abigail

“Just give her medication once a day,” said the vet. Dad rolled his eyes. As simple as that sounded, he knew what was in store. Being a free roam rabbit with access to the entire first floor of the house, catching Abigail everyday was not going to be easy. Gone were the days when he could corral Abigail with an ex-pen. Long ago, she learned to run and hide at the first sound of the clanging of an ex-pen. Trying to close off a large room with furniture and bicycles was not easy to do. Sure, he could use cushions to block exits, but Dad was going to have to chase her down.

Abigail darted left. As Dad veered to catch her, she darted right and ran right past him. “Oh, Abigail! You’re so sneaky!” she heard him say as she ran into the dining room.

Abigail had played chase with Dad many times in the past. She used to rouse him from his ‘puter at night to play. But, back then, she always won. Now, Dad actually caught her! She didn’t like the game of chase as much now. What was worse, after he caught her, he’d make her take some medicine and wash her face. It wasn’t that the medicine was so bad, she just hated being messed with. She actually didn’t mind the part where he groomed her.

She ran back into the living room with Dad following behind. Enzo figured out what was going on and thought, “I’ll help, Dad!” Enzo headed her off at the pass. As Abigail darted a different direction to avoid Enzo, Dad caught her. “Gotcha!” said Dad. “Drat!” thought Abigail.

Dad stroked her ears and kissed her head to calm her down. He placed her on a towel on the counter and pressed the syringe against her mouth. Stubbornly, Abigail clenched her jaw and refused to open her mouth. Dad said, “Oh, come on, Abigail. It’s not that bad!” As she relaxed her jaw, he pushed the syringe in and squirted a little medicine in her mouth. Then, another. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” asked Dad, “Now let’s wash your face.”

Abigail’s eyes were watering because of her thymoma, causing the fur around her eyes to matt and harden. Try as she might, she couldn’t keep them clean herself. Dad gently wet her fur with some warm water until the hardened material dissolved. Then, he wicked it out with a tissue. Abigail understood he was helping her and relaxed.

After washing both eyes, he held her in his arms and stroked her head and ears. “There, you’re all done, sweetie,” he said. She didn’t mind this part, too much. Dad set her down on the floor and she ran off, but not too far. What’s more, she didn’t even foot flick him!

Abigail makes Dad play chase before he can give her some medicine.

Abigail makes Dad play chase before he can give her some medicine.

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