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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Christmas at the HOB (190)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 190 – Christmas at the House of Buns      

Bentley shot out from under the bed like a kid on Christmas morning because, well, he was a bunny on Christmas morning. “Oh boy! Santa Bun brought me a foraging ball!” thought Bentley, as he buried his head inside the ball, searching for treats inside. The ball was woven from willow branches and stuffed with different kinds of hay and in the center were some of his favorite treats.

In his penthouse burrow under the bed, Santa Bun had also slipped him a heated pet pad to keep him warm in case he got cold during those winter nights.

Meanwhile, on the Starship Bunnyprise, Mocha and Hobo crawled out from under the couch to see what Santa Bun had brought. Next to their fireplace was a treat box – a cardboard box stuffed with different kinds of hay, some fresh willow branches, and a few treats. Santa Bun knew that Hobo couldn’t control himself when there was something to eat, so he had to limit how much willow he could bring them.

But like kids everywhere, Hobo was more excited about the empty Small Pet Select hay box. It made a great hidey box that both he and Mocha could fit inside. While Mocha delicately munched on the hay in the treat box, Hobo noisily ripped at the cardboard box to enlarge the opening to fit his XL size.

Upstairs in the living room, Abigail awoke to find that a new structure had been built in her territory. The little bunny took a big long stretch and ambled over to check it out. “Hmmm,” she thought. She crawled in and out of the Small Pet Select castle and through the tunnel, thoroughly inspecting it. Then she sat down in her loaf position in front of her hay tunnel and nibbled on some oat hay.

“What’s the matter, Abigail?” asked Dad, “Don’t you like the castle Santa Bun brought you?” Abigail looked up at Dad and thought, “It’s very nice, Dad. But I don’t need it. I have plenty of hidey spots in my territory. Since it’s Enzo’s first Christmas with us, I’d like to give it to him.” Dad replied, “Aww, Abigail. That’s so thoughtful of you!”

Enzo was already busy tossing around the foraging ball that Santa Bun had brought him when Dad came into the room carrying the castle. “Merry Christmas, Enzo!” said Dad, “I have another present for you! Abigail wanted you to have this castle.”

Enzo looked up inquisitively. He sniffed around it and slunk in through the doors. He peered out the windows. Then he came out and hopped on top. He stood up on this back feet and periscoped, looking around the room. “I like this!” he thought, “It makes a good perch!”

Dad left him to explore his new castle and went back to the living room to have breakfast with Abigail. Abigail asked, “Did Enzo like the castle?” Dad replied, “Yes, he’s having fun with it. But now, you don’t have a present.” Abigail thought, “That’s OK, Dad. I have a good life and I’m just happy to be here with you!” She hopped up onto the coffee table to join him for breakfast.

Dad understood what she meant. After her close call this year, he was just thankful that she was back to her normal happy, healthy self. He gently stroked her ears and gave her a kiss on the head and said softly, “Merry Christmas, sweetie. I love you with all of my heart!”

Abigail checks out her gift and decides to give it to Enzo, the new bun. Hobo has fun with the empty box.

Abigail checks out her gift and decides to give it to Enzo, the new bun. Hobo has fun with the empty box.

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