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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Christmas Miracle in Spring (151)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 151 – The Christmas Miracle in Spring

Spring had arrived. The sun was out and Abigail sat looking out the window at the pretty blossoms when Dad came into the room. “Abigail, remember Hopscotch, the little dwarf rabbit with the tusk? She’s here to get her adoption portrait photo taken. Would you like to say hi?”

Abigail had not forgotten about Hopscotch and her harrowing tale. She shuddered whenever she thought of it. So she was eager to see how Hopscotch was doing.

Dad carried Abigail out to the photo studio and set Abigail down next to Hopscotch. Abigail said, “Hopscotch! You’re looking so much better than the last time I saw you. How are you? How did the surgeries go?”

Hopscotch replied, “Oh yes, I’m doing much better now. They got rid of the giant lump under my chin. They removed my ‘tusks’. And they fixed a couple of other things. It wasn’t too bad. I’m just happy for all the love and attention. I try to be a really good bunny for my foster parents. I’m waiting for my fur to grow back from the surgery, but other than that, I’m ready to find my forever home! I can’t wait!”

Abigail said, “See? I told you you were in good hands with Auntie Heather! The humans who bought the bling shirts to support you will be so happy to hear you’re doing well. I hope you find a home this time with a human who will adore you as much as my Dad adores me! You deserve it!”

Abigail was happy. She had helped a fellow dwarf bunny find a better life.

Christmas spring

Hopscotch stops by for a visit with Abigail. 

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