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Chapter 220 – Community Dining

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 220 – Community Dining             

Enzo sat by the window in the living room staring out at the sunny day. His ears perked up when he heard Dad call out, “Enzo, here’s your breakfast!” Dad set down Enzo’s green tray of fresh greens in his room.

Next, he walked into the living room. Abigail was sitting under the glass end table. Dad said, “Good morning, Abigail. Here’s your breakfast.” Abigail immediately stood up and followed Dad over to her spot where he placed her tray of greens.

As soon as he set down the tray, Abigail sniffed around the tray until she found the banana slice. “Oh boy, my favorite!” she thought. She started nibbling on the banana.

Just then, Enzo came thundering over to her tray like a bull in a china shop. Abigail ran off. Enzo sniffed the orange tray and helped himself to some cilantro.

Dad looked down at Enzo and said, “Enzo! This is Abigail’s tray. Your tray is in your room!” Enzo looked up at Dad with a confused look on his face. He thought, “Dad, I don’t understand this separate trays thing. When bunnies forage for food, we eat whatever we find wherever we find it. It’s community dining!”

Dad thought about it for a moment. It was true with Mocha and Hobo. Long ago he had stopped giving them separate trays because they would both eat off the same tray anyway. Dad replied, “Well, I guess you’re right. It’s just that I want to make sure Abigail gets enough to eat because you tend to eat more than she does.”

Dad kept a watchful eye out for the next few days and sure enough, there was usually food on the tray and Abigail would graze the tray whenever she felt hungry. Abigail learned to grab her favorite food first, which in her case, was a banana slice, to make sure she got it.

From then on, her tray became the community dining tray.

Abigail and Enzo learn to share the food tray.

Abigail and Enzo learn to share the food tray.

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