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CHAPTER 245 – The Crystal Ball

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 245 – The Crystal Ball

“What will my life be like in seven years?” asked Dad.

The exotic-looking woman sitting across from him stared into her glowing crystal ball. She squinted a bit and replied, “I see rabbits. Lots of rabbits! Do you have rabbits?”

Dad looked perplexed. He answered, “No, I have a cat whom I love very much. But no rabbits. Are you sure?”

The woman looked again. She confirmed, “Yes, yes. I definitely see rabbits in your life. Lots of them. There are six of them running around inside your house.”

Dad was even more perplexed. He questioned, “INSIDE my house? SIX rabbits INSIDE my house?”

The woman nodded, smiled, and said, “Yes. And even more outside! MANY more outside. Wild rabbits. Maybe a dozen or more. I can’t count them all.”

Dad rolled his eyes. Either she was a fraud or her crystal ball was on the fritz. He had never even considered rabbits as pets. And he hadn’t seen any in his yard, either.

“What else do you see?” he wondered.

The woman stared into the ball again. She inquired, “Are you a photographer?”

Dad replied, “Why yes, I am! I photograph cars!”

The woman shook her head and said, “Nooo, not cars. I see rabbits! Lots of rabbits.”

Dad thought to himself, “I’ve never even seen a rabbit up close, let alone photographed one. She’s crazy.” Trying to change the topic, he wondered aloud, “Am I still living in the same house I’m in now? It’s a very neat and tidy place.”

The woman leaned in towards her crystal ball. Then she tapped it, as if to clear up some static. She looked very carefully. She replied, “Yes, it’s the same house. It has many toys on the floor. There’s fleece on the couch. There’s fleece on the coffee table. There are litter boxes scattered around. I don’t know if I would call it neat and tidy.”

Again, trying to change the topic from rabbits, Dad asked, “What about work? Am I working?”

The brunette scanned the ball again, as if changing the channel with her eyes. “Yes, yes. It appears you work. Very hard. You take care of rabbits. All I see is rabbits everywhere.”

Dad shook his head. He had heard enough. There must be something wrong with her crystal ball’s reception. He thanked her, paid his money, and left.

As he emerged into the reality of daylight, he laughed out loud and thought, “Rabbits? I don’t think so. I can’t even imagine that. I’ve never even thought of rabbits as a pet.”

If someone had looked into a crystal ball seven years ago and predicted Dad’s life would revolve around rabbits, he’d have thought they were crazy! Little did he know, a tiny little rabbit named Abigail was about to steal his heart and change his life dramatically.

Seven years ago, if a fortune teller had looked into her crystal ball and told Dad his life would be full of rabbits, he'd have thought they were crazy!

Seven years ago, if a fortune teller had looked into her crystal ball and told Dad his life would be full of rabbits, he'd have thought they were crazy!

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