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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “A Day In The Life of a (Free Roam) House Rabbit – Part II”

Day in the life of Abigail, part 2

CHAPTER 42 – A Day In The Life of a (Free Roam) House Rabbit – Part II.

It was early afternoon when little Abigail woke up from her morning nap. She stretched, and yawned a big yawn. All rested up, she loped over to her hay tunnel. Time for lunch! She rooted around inside the tunnel until she found just the right piece of hay to nibble on. She started with alfalfa, then moved on to oat hay, and for dessert, some Timothy hay.

She looked over at her orange food tray. “Oh look, dandelions leaves!” she thought. She grabbed the end of one and munched until the entire leaf disappeared, looking like a little weed eater. Abigail hopped over to her bathroom in the dining room for a restroom break. She took the long way back so she could do a quick check of the dining room and the guest room. All was good. Nothing had changed.

Abigail liked the peaceful afternoons. She heard Dad in his office, rattling around. It comforted her to know he was there. She sat by the window, relaxing, scanning her territory, half awake, half asleep. Every so often, Dad popped his head through the door and asked, “Hi Abigail. How’s it going? Everything OK? Love you!” Abigail raised one ear and looked over at him as if to say, “Yes, Dad. All good here.”

When daylight began to fade, Abigail sensed it was dinner time. Sure enough, Dad came to retrieve her food tray and reloaded it with yummy cilantro, dandelion leaves, parsley, carrot tops, a slice of banana, and her favorite, a slice of apple. Being a rabbit, she ate the best stuff first. First the apple, then she attacked the cilantro. 

Dad took a break from work and settled on the couch to watch some TV. Abigail would sit on the floor nearby, watching Dad watch TV.

Late evening was Abigail’s most energetic time. Time to run the Bunny 500. Abigail launched off into the dining room, running laps around the dining room table. Then it was back into the living room where she rounded the couch several times. Dad chuckled. “Is it play time?” he asked. Dad got down on the floor and tried to tag Abigail. Abigail taunted him by running back and forth across the window. “Bet you can’t catch me!” she thought. She was right. She was so fast!

All tuckered out, Abigail hopped onto the couch again. “May I please have a treat?” she begged. “Of course, sweetie,” he said, as he handed her a little cookie. Then she headed over to her tray for her second dinner.

Her favorite time of the day was after the evening news. Dad shut off the TV, lay on the floor, and talked to her. Abigail ran over to her spot and tooth chattered at Dad. “Come pet me,” she asked. Dad put on some music and gave her a nice long massage.

Massage done, it was time to explore. Knowing Dad was nearby, she roamed confidently through the house, exploring. She loved it when Dad would stay up until 2 AM with her, but that was only once in awhile.

“Time for lights-out,” announced Dad. He waited patiently as Abigail polished off the last of the food on her tray and nibbled on some hay. Then, she settled down in her spot by the window.

“Good night, Abigail. Sleep well. I’ll see you in the morning!” And for about the fortieth time that day, he said, “I love you!” He gave her one last pet and turned down the lights.

As Abigail drifted off to sleep, she thought, “Life is so much better now as a free-roam house rabbit!”

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