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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Dust Bunnies (189)

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CHAPTER 189 – Dust Bunnies

“Room service!” announced Dad as he stepped aboard the Starship Bunnyprise, carrying a tray of fresh greens.

“Oh boy!” thought Hobo as he came bounding across the room. A herd of dust bunnies followed behind him. It was molting season.

Dad laughed, “My gosh, Hobo. I just brushed you last night and look at all the fur!” There was fur everywhere. On the floor, on the couch, even up on the ceiling lights. The dust bunnies got around.

Dad let Hobo finish his breakfast before he brushed him again. Hobo liked the rubber fur brush. It felt good as Dad stroked his coat. He didn’t even mind when Dad brushed him backwards. It was like a back scratch. Wads of fur came off on the brush – and on Dad’s clothes and in Dad’s mouth.

Dad exclaimed, “My gosh, Hobo. We could make another bunny with all the fur you’re shedding!” Dad knew it was important to keep the bunnies brushed during molting season so they wouldn’t get “clogged up” with fur. Unlike cats, bunnies can’t cough up a fur ball.

Dad announced, “Well, that’s it for now. Let’s do this again tonight.” Hobo agreed and scampered off. Already, more dust bunnies followed.

And everywhere that Hobo went, the dust bunnies were sure to go!

And everywhere that Hobo went, the dust bunnies were sure to go!

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