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CHAPTER 247 – Emergency Averted

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CHAPTER 247 – Emergency Averted

It was Saturday morning. Dad “beamed aboard” the Starship Bunnyprise to deliver breakfast to Mocha and Hobo. “Room service, guys,” he announced as he set down the tray of fresh greens in front of them.

Mocha dove right in, but Hobo approached Dad and looked at him forlornly. “What’s the matter, Hobo?” asked Dad. Hobo looked up at Dad. His nostrils were flaring, his sides were heaving. He thought, “Dad, I can’t breathe very well. Can you help me?”

“Oh, Hobes, are you having trouble breathing? Let’s see what I can do for you,” said Dad. Hobo had been treated for a respiratory infection about a month before. After two weeks on penicillin, it seemed to have gone away. But apparently, it was back. Of course, it was the Saturday of a long weekend so the vet was closed. Normally, this might have meant taking Hobo to an emergency clinic and putting him in an oxygen tent for the weekend until the vet could see him. But fortunately, Dad was prepared!

Hobo watched as Dad pulled out a couple of big boxes and fiddled around with some tubes and cords. One of them looked like a hidey box with windows. Dad placed a thick towel on top of a pad inside of it. The other one was a big black box. When Dad pushed a button, it began making humming and whooshing sounds.

“OK, come here big guy,” said Dad has he lifted Hobo up onto the counter, “I’m going to start you back on penicillin again.” Fortunately, he had a couple of shots left which would get them through the weekend. Hobo didn’t mind the injection. In fact, he much preferred it to oral medication. Dad brushed him and scratched his back first so he barely noticed the little prick.

“I got you your own oxygen tent. Let’s see if that helps you breathe easier,” said Dad. Dad placed Hobo inside the hidey box with windows. Hobo settled into a loaf position. Within a few minutes, he noticed he wasn’t struggling as hard to breathe! “This is great!” he thought. Hobo happily spent the afternoon inside the tent, napping. Mocha, his buddy, kept a watchful eye on him from outside the tent.

By dinner time, Hobo felt much better. Dad didn’t want Hobo to feel trapped inside the tent. Since the tent had to be unzipped a little to allow air to vent anyway, he adjusted the zipper so the opening was on the side and Hobo could slide through it if he wanted. Dad explained, “I’m just going to leave this open slightly so you can come and go if you want.” He hoped Hobo would understand.  

Sure enough, Hobo was a smart boy and understood. He slipped out, ate his dinner, and then went back into the hidey box. Mocha, who missed Hobo, climbed inside and joined him. The two spent the night together inside the oxygen tent, snuggled up against each other. Occasionally, they came out to use the litter box, but they always returned to the tent.  

The weekend passed and Hobo was feeling much better. He spent more time outside of the oxygen tent without struggling to breathe. Even better, he didn’t have to leave home and spend the weekend alone at a clinic. Emergency averted!  

The vet confirmed that Hobo should continue with penicillin for a few weeks and refilled the prescription.

Dad came in to check on Hobo. “How you doin’, big guy?” asked Dad as he reached inside to pet him. Hobo looked up through the plastic window and thought, “I feel much better! Thank you, Dad!”

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Mocha keeps a watchful eye on his buddy Hobo inside the oxygen tent.

Mocha keeps a watchful eye on his buddy Hobo inside the oxygen tent.

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