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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Enzo the Model (184)

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Chapter 184 – Enzo the Model

A fresh crispness was in the air. The days were shorter. Halloween had passed. It was that time of year again – time to start planning for the holidays!

In what was becoming an annual tradition, every year Dad would take Christmas photos of rabbits as a fundraiser for the Rabbit Haven rabbit rescue. Always trying to “up his game”, Dad looked for ways to improve the photos. This year, instead of just using colored fleece for a backdrop, he created a realistic-looking snow scene backdrop. But would it look convincing in the photos?

“Hey Enzo, could you come be my model?” asked Dad. Enzo thought, “I’ve never been a model before, but I’ll give it a shot!” Enzo was always up for anything and very easy-going. Unlike the other bunnies at the House of Buns, he didn’t mind being picked up, so he was easy to work with.

Gently, Dad picked up Enzo and carried him over to “the set”. In front of the snowy scene backdrop was a snow-flocked tree and a red metal truck that Dad had found at a hardware store, sitting on a bed of cotton batting. Dad set Enzo in the back of the truck. “OK, just stay put for a bit while I take your photo,” instructed Dad.

From his perch in the truck bed, Enzo checked out the set. He was a California bunny and had never seen real snow. As he looked around, Dad snapped away with his camera. “Good job, Enzo! OK, let’s try something different,” said Dad. He lifted Enzo onto the table and replaced the truck with a snowman.

Enzo had never seen a snowman before. Curious, he stood up on his back feet to size him up. Enzo was tempted to munch on his carrot nose but decided that might be rude, so he fought the urge and left it alone. Behind him, he heard Dad laughing as he clicked the camera.

Enzo’s natural curiosity led him to explore the set. Every so often, he’d look over at Dad and hear a sudden burst of clicks from the camera.

“OK, that’s good. I think this is going to work! Thanks, Enzo. You’re a good model!” Dad carried Enzo back to the guest room and gave him some willow as a reward.

He was ready for the photoshoot!

Enzo helps Dad prepare for his annual holiday photoshoot fundraiser.

Enzo helps Dad prepare for his annual holiday photoshoot fundraiser.

Enzo is curious about the snowman's carrot nose.

Enzo is curious about the snowman's carrot nose.

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