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Through Abigail’s Eyes: First Date (197)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 197 – First Date

Abigail strolled over to Starbuns Café to say “hi” to Enzo. A couple of weeks had passed by and Abigail was used to seeing Enzo in the café every day. She gingerly approached the fence and looked in. Enzo ran over to the fence and they gave each other a hello sniff.

Dad watched with amusement. They were curious about each other and there was never any aggression between them. “I think you guys are ready for a first date. What do you think?” he asked. Enzo thought, “Oh, yes! I’m ready!” Abigail was a little more reluctant and thought, “Well, OK, I guess.”

Dad placed a hidey box, a litter box with some hay, and a snuffle mat with some treats inside the café to give them some distractions so they wouldn’t be focused just on one another. He corralled Abigail and brought her into the café. As he stroked her little ears, he reassured her, “OK, don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll be right here to protect you.” He knelt down and set her down inside the ex-pen, ready to be the referee if things got out of hand. Dad introduced them, “Enzo, meet Abigail. Abigail, meet Enzo.”

Enzo immediately came over to say “hi”. “I’ve been wanting to meet you face-to-face for a long time!” he said. Abigail was a little nervous. Enzo was over twice her size. She wandered around in the café. Enzo followed her, but always being a gentlebun. Every so often, Dad petted them both to keep them calm.

After a half hour or so, Enzo flopped down on his side. Abigail came over to him and nibbled on some hay. Dad observed, “You know, as first dates go, this is going pretty well!” This seemed like a good stopping point for the first date. He let Abigail out of the café to go back to her spot.

The next night, Abigail was ready for her second date. She didn’t even run away when Dad picked her up to take her to the café. Again, Enzo was eager to see Abigail and chased after her. Abigail nervously circled the café and ran through the hidey box. Enzo looked at Dad and thought, “How am I supposed to get to know her if she always runs away?” Dad said, “OK, let me see if I can help.” Dad reached over and petted Abigail. She placed her chin on the floor and relaxed. Enzo strolled over to Abigail. Dad petted both of them for a few minutes as they lay nose-to-nose.

As Dad stopped petting them Enzo stood up and gently groomed Abigail. Abigail kept her head down. “Aww,” cooed Dad. Could this be a sign that love was in the air?

Is love in the air? Enzo grooms Abigail.

Is love in the air? Enzo grooms Abigail.

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