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Chapter 219 – Follow My Lead

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 219 – Follow My Lead

It was late afternoon at the House of Buns. Abigail and Enzo loafed near each other in the living room. Suddenly, the calm was broken as Dad breezed through the room and announced, “OK, guys. I’m off to dinner with Aunt Chelsea and her family. Heads up! She’s going to come and visit you after dinner! Don’t mess up the house. Bye!”

Enzo was excited. He had met them a couple of times, but that was before he had earned his free roam privileges, so he mostly hid under the bed. This time, he could hang out with the humans! He liked being with humans. Abigail, on the other hand, was a little nervous. Although she had known her Aunt Chelsea for many years, she always got a little anxious when company came to visit.

Enzo sensed her anxiety and said, “Don’t worry, just follow my lead!”

A few hours later, they heard footsteps and voices approaching. The front door opened and in came their guests. “Oh look, there are the bunnies!” exclaimed Chelsea. Abigail fought the urge to run and hide and stayed put. She watched as Aunt Chelsea knelt down on the floor. Enzo bounded over to greet her. Abigail thought, “That guy has no fear!”

“Hi Aunt Chelsea. Look, I can free roam now!” Enzo lowered his head granting her permission to pet. Well, more like asking her to pet. Chelsea was thrilled! Here was a bunny who wanted to be around humans and liked to be petted! She laid down and slowly ran her fingers through his ears and mane.

Abigail waited until Enzo went around to the others to say hi. Then she ran over to Chelsea and demurely said, “Hi Aunt Chelsea.” Chelsea said, “Well, hi there sweetie.” She placed her hand in front of Abigail. Abigail gave her the sniff test. She passed. Abigail lowered her head granting permission to pet. Chelsea was delighted. “Wow, look at you! So brave now!” said Chelsea as she gently stroked Abigail’s head and ears.

Dad observed, “Enzo is the most ‘people-friendly’ rabbit in the house. I think he truly likes being around us. I don’t know if she’s following his lead or just competitive, but Abigail has opened up more with him around.”

Just like people, rabbits could be influenced by their friends.

Enzo runs over to get pets from Aunt Chelsea.

Enzo runs over to get pets from Aunt Chelsea.

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