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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Foster Fail 2.0 (188)

Abigail at her typewriter

Chapter 188 – Foster Fail 2.0

Abigail rested her chin on the floor while Dad gently stroked her ears. She was zoned out in bliss when she heard him ask, “Abigail, how would you feel about letting Enzo stay here permanently?”

Abigail came back to reality and looked up at Dad. “What?” she wondered. Dad continued, “He can stay in the guest room for now.” Abigail thought, “I guess that would be OK.” She had already given up that part of her territory to be used for rescuing rabbits so she was used to “guest” bunnies using that room.

Dad went on, “Would you like a bunny friend? He’s very sweet. Who knows? You two might get along. He can play tag with your better than I can because he’s a rabbit. You guys can try dating. He might become your BFF. Or maybe a husbun?”

Abigail looked wide-eyed at Dad, “Whoa, there. I was OK with him in the guest room, but you went from bunny friend to husbun pretty fast there, Dad.” Dad reassured her, “Don’t worry, sweetie. You’ll get approval before he’s allowed in your territory. I promised this was your territory and I will honor that.”

Abigail thought, “OK, we can try it.”

That evening, Dad went in to the guest room to spend some time with Enzo. Enzo was always eager to see him. He hopped up onto the bed and snuggled up beside Dad for some pets.

As he stroked Enzo’s ears, Dad said, “Enzo, you are the most affectionate bunny I’ve ever met. You always come over to greet me, you don’t mind being picked up, and you love to snuggle! Would you like to stay at the House of Buns permanently?” Enzo’s ears perked up. Those were the words he had been waiting to hear. Dad continued, “I can’t promise you anything more than living in the guest room right now. I’d love to have you out in the rest of the house, but that’s up to Abigail, since that’s her territory. You’ll have to meet her and see if you get along.”

Enzo didn’t care. Even if his world was limited to the guest room, it was still better than what his life had been before – or what it might be somewhere else. And he was pretty sure he could win Abigail’s heart. He nuzzled Dad’s chin and thought, “Yes! I would love to stay here with you forever!”

This was Dad’s second “foster fail,” but for Enzo, it was a foster success!

Enzo becomes Dad's second foster fail when Dad invites him to stay permanently.

Enzo becomes Dad's second foster fail when Dad invites him to stay permanently.

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