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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Freedom of Choice (156)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 156 – Freedom of Choice

Bentley stood in the middle of the room. Dad could see the wheels turning inside his head.

“What should I do next?” pondered Bentley. There were so many choices! He thought, “I could go over to the picnic table and get treats. I could check out the treat holder in the treat mobile. Then again, there’s the hay tunnel with three kinds of hay in the other room along with the food and water station. I could dig in one of my three burrows. Of course, there’s always the breakfast buffet with five kinds of greens. Hmmm. Wait! I know! The foraging ball!”

Bentley turned ninety degrees and darted over to the foraging ball. He grabbed it with his teeth and flung it to shake some treats out of it.

After finishing off several leaves of willow, he looked around his room. “What next?” he wondered, “Naptime!” Bentley slithered under the bed and slunk to the very back and flopped down on his side.

What Bentley loved most about living at the House of Buns was having freedom of choice! Freedom to choose what to eat, where to sleep, and when to do it. And there were so many choices! “I like being a free-roam bunny,” he thought, as he drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Abigail finished nibbling on her breakfast. It was time for her mid-morning half-nap. Abigail was a bun who liked routine. After living at the House of Buns for many years, she had perfected her routine. She had her early morning sleeping spot, her mid-morning napping spot, her early afternoon napping spot, her late afternoon napping spot, and her evening parking spot where she could hang out with Dad.

And just like Bentley, she had her orange buffet tray with different kinds of greens, her food and water station, her foraging ball, and her hay tunnel. In addition, Dad would hide little treats around her territory for her to discover during her patrols.

“I like being able to run laps when I want and have the freedom to choose where and when I want to nap,” she thought. She remembered the bad old days before coming to the House of Buns when she lived in a cage and was stuck in the same place all the time. This was much better!

Freedom of choice.

It was the philosophy at the House of Buns.

Freedom of choice

​Bentley loves having the freedom to choose what he wants to do.

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