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CHAPTER 232 – Fur Is In the Air

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 232 – Fur Is In the Air

Early one morning, Abigail hopped across the living room and noticed that her shadow was getting longer. There was a briskness in the air, too. Fall had arrived. She knew what that meant – it was time to change to her winter coat!  

Little tufts of fur began appearing on her otherwise perfectly groomed coat. She hated that. Not only did it make her look scruffy, for some reason, humans always seemed to think it was OK to pluck the tufts off. “The nerve!” she thought.

Fortunately, long ago she had trained Dad not to do that, so he respected her and left the tufts alone – as tempting as it was. When it got really bad, he would brush her first with a Furbliss brush and then with a Small Pet Select Hairbuster comb.

Abigail sent out a thumpo-gram to the other rabbits at the House of Buns, “Don’t forget to change to your winter coats, guys.” Not that they really needed reminding. One by one, each rabbit started shedding their summer coat.

Soon, fur was in the air. Everywhere.

“My gosh, guys,” said Dad one day, “I brush you at night and by the next morning, there’s fur everywhere!” When Hobo ran across the room, he was followed by an entourage of dust bunnies. Bentley’s fine white fur stuck to everything like Velcro. Soon, lint rollers began appearing all around the house.

Abigail thought, “Well, Dad. At least when WE change coats, we look the same afterwards. When humans change coats, you look completely different. And you change coats all the time! It’s very confusing to us.” Dad chuckled as he brushed her, trying to keep her fur out of his mouth, “Yes, I suppose you’re right. It would be really weird if you suddenly became a white rabbit!”

Fall means it's time to change coats!

Fall means it's time to change coats!

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