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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Gruntley Bentley (169)

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CHAPTER 169 – Gruntley Bentley

It was past dinner time when Dad returned home from giving the shelter rabbits some playtime. There was no time to shower and change first. Like a short-order cook, Dad quickly prepared the dinner trays for all the bunnies at the House of Buns and rushed them out.

As he came into Bentley’s room, he announced, “Dinner is ready, Bentley!” Bentley smelled something. And it wasn’t dinner. He bolted out from under the bed and began sniffing Dad’s pant legs like a jealous girlfriend who had smelled someone else’s perfume. Yes, he smelled the scent of other rabbits on Dad’s pants. He grunted. He lunged. He ran circles around Dad. Finally, dad asked, "Bentley! What is wrong?"

Bentley stared up at him and thought, “Dad! I smell other rabbits on you! How dare you?" Bentley had always been very protective of his territory, which included Dad. And he was not as charitable about helping other rabbits as Abigail was. He tolerated the other rabbits in the House of Buns as long as they stayed out of his territory. But this. This was betrayal!

Dad explained, “Bentley. I was at the shelter giving the bunnies some out-of-cage time.” Bentley didn’t care. As Dad walked away, Bentley continued attacking – circling, grunting, and lunging.  

After dinner, Dad showered and changed his clothes. Then, he came downstairs for his regular evening visit. Bentley would usually come out and forage while Dad laid on the floor and watched TV. Then, when Bentley was done, he’d go to his petting spot and ask Dad for pets.

But not tonight! Dad laid on the floor and announced, “OK, I’m clean now. I don’t smell like other rabbits!” Bentley was still miffed. As Dad reached out to pet Bentley, Bentley grunted and lunged at him. He was still in attack mode. He circled Dad, grunting and lunging at him like a boxer in a ring.

Dad just laughed, "Oh, Bentley. Don’t be mad. I still love you. Don’t worry. No one is going to invade your territory.” But Bentley continued grunting. Dad said, “I think I’m going to call you Gruntley Bentley!”

Bentley was not amused. He held his grudge well into the next day. He refused to come out from under the bed all day. He didn’t even touch his breakfast! It wasn’t until the following night when he finally forgave Dad and came out to forage. As he settled into his petting spot by the fireplace, Dad came over and asked, “May I pet you now?” Bentley lowered his head and thought, “OK.”

All was right with the world again…

Bentley attacks Dad when he smells other bunnies on him!

Bentley attacks Dad when he smells other bunnies on him!

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