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CHAPTER 234 – Treat Beggar

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CHAPTER 234 – Head Treat Beggar

“You do it!” said Turbo.

“I’m not doing it. It’s not dignified. You do it!” replied Abigail.

“I’m not doing it. I’m too shy. I know, let’s get Enzo to do it. He’ll do anything!” said Turbo.

Enzo’s ears perked up. He heard his name mentioned. He hopped over and asked, “Hi guys. Do what?”

Turbo explained, “Abigail says it’s Halloween. Time for something called trick or treat. But you have to ask for treats. We’re too shy. We’re nominating you as Head Treat Beggar. Will you do it?”

Enzo, who as Turbo had noted, was not afraid of anything, said, “Sure! I be honored to be Head Treat Beggar!”

Enzo looked across the room. Dad was sitting in his usual spot beside the coffee table. Enzo ran over to him and stood up on his back feet. “Hi Dad. Abigail and Turbo made me Head Treat Beggar. It’s my job to beg for treats. Trick or treat! Well, really, just treat! May I haves a treat?” he begged.

Dad looked down at Enzo. He looked so adorable standing up on his back feet, “You wanna treat?” asked Dad. Enzo just stared at him with his pretty blue eyes. Dad said, “OK, here you go!” handing him a healthy snacker.

Turbo and Abigail looked at each other. Their plan had worked. They came running over. “Us, too!” they thought. Dad obliged and handed each of them a treat, too.

Now that he had the title of “Head Treat Beggar,” Enzo took his job very seriously and made sure he performed it often.

Enzo is nominated to be Head Treat Beggar.

Enzo is nominated to be Head Treat Beggar.

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