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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Hide and Seek (186)

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CHAPTER 186 – Hide and Seek

Enzo heard Dad’s footsteps approaching. He stayed perfectly still. “Oh boy,” thought Enzo, “Dad will never find me here!”

The door to his room opened, and in walked Dad. Dad called out, “Enzo, here’s your breakfast!” Normally, Enzo came running over to greet him – but not this morning. Dad looked around the room and asked, “Enzo. Where are you?”

Dad looked in all the usual spots Enzo liked to rest, but no Enzo. He got down on his knees and peered under the bed. No Enzo. Dad said, “Enzo! Where’d you go?” Dad’s heart skipped a beat. There weren’t that many places to hide! Could he have escaped?

Enzo giggled quietly to himself and thought, “I fooled him this time!” Enzo had found a perfect hidey-spot inside the box spring mattress. There was nothing in there – no springs, no foam – just a wooden frame with fabric wrapped around it. He was safe.

Dad searched the room again, but no Enzo. He looked under the bed again. No Enzo. Then he noticed a bulge hanging down from the box spring mattress. Could that be Enzo? Dad poked the bulge. It moved. He watched the bulge move over towards a hole torn through the bottom of the mattress. First, Enzo’s head popped out, and then the rest of him slithered through.

Enzo laughed, “Hi Dad! I fooled you, didn’t I?” He ran over to Dad and put his head down for pets.

Dad laughed as he stroked Enzo’s head, “Enzo! That’s a pretty clever hidey-spot. But you scared me!”

The next day, Dad placed a thin piece of plywood between the frame and the box spring mattress to keep Enzo from tearing any more holes through the bottom. Rabbits – they could be so crafty!

Enzo makes himself a new hidey spot under the bed to fool Dad.

Enzo makes himself a new hidey spot under the bed to fool Dad.

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