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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Hobo Becomes a Star (146)

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CHAPTER 146 – Hobo Becomes a Star        

“I need to make a promo video for the upcoming International Tango Summit. I want to feature a rescue animal because I am going to be a volunteer Outreach Ambassador for NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) at this tango festival. I was wondering if Hobo could help me out,” asked Abigail’s Aunt Chelsea, who was a professional tango instructor.

Chelsea explained, “The video is called Hop-A-Longa, which is a take off on the word Milonga, which is a tango party. I just need him to be my partner in the video and be himself. We can splice the segments together.”

Dad agreed and a few days later, he came over to Hobo and said, “Hobo, how would you like to star in Aunt Chelsea’s tango video?” Hobo wasn’t too sure what that meant, but he was always game for adventure. Dad packed up Hobo and his traveling kit and headed for Chelsea’s dance studio.

Dad set up Hobo’s “dressing room” in an ex-pen with some food and water and a litter box. First, they recorded Chelsea’s tango moves, which gave Hobo some time to become accustomed to his environment. Once they were done with Chelsea’s scenes, it was call time for Hobo.

The first scene was Chelsea interacting with Hobo, where she was holding a carrot between her teeth. Hobo did what he was expected to do and began tugging at the carrot tops. Next, he posed on a chair and turned his head in different directions. Finally, they placed Hobo on the floor and let him “do his dance moves.” Unlike Abigail, Hobo was not afraid of slippery wood floors and happily zipped around the floor. With all the scenes “in the can”, Hobo was finished. “You did a great job, Hobo!” praised Chelsea, as she petted him. “May I have a treat?” thought Hobo.

Chelsea and Dad edited the video and posted it to promote the event.

Fast forward a year and a half. One day, Dad came into the Starship Bunnyprise room and announced, “Guess what Hobo? Remember that tango video you did? It won an award of recognition for ‘Special Purpose Productions’ at the Accolade Global Film Competition. How do you like that? Now you’re an award-winning star!”

Hobo’s mind was only on one thing and thought, “That’s nice. Is the award something I can eat?”

To view the video, click HERE

Hobo becomes a star

Hobo becomes a star

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