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Through Abigail’s Eyes: House of Buns (200)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 200 – The House of Buns

“If you’re the kind of person who likes their house just so, rabbits may not be the pet for you.” Dad had read that in his research prior to adopting Abigail. Despite the fact that he indeed was a person that liked his house “just so,” he went ahead and adopted a rabbit anyway. And then another. And then a couple more. And then another.

Dad looked across the living room and shook his head, chuckling to himself. His house was definitely no longer “just so.” Abigail looked up inquisitively and wondered, “What are you laughing about?”

Dad explained, “I was just laughing because my once pristine house is now a rabbit house. Look at the living room. There’s an ex-pen connecting the guest room to the living room so Enzo can come out and be with us in your territory. There’s your hay tunnel with hay scattered all around it. And your food station. And the fleece covering the beautiful glass coffee table so you can get up on it. And the couch pillow that sits on the floor to help you jump up on the coffee table.

“And then there’s Enzo’s room, which used to be the guest room. Now it has his Small Pet Select castle that he sleeps in, his hay manger, fleece covering the floor, a hidey box, and the bed is covered with three layers of fleece because he seems to think it’s his master bathroom.

“Downstairs, my elegant bedroom now has Bentley’s food station, a hay manager, a snuffle mat, his bathroom, and his treat mobile. He’s turned the storage closet into his own bunstruction zone.

“And let’s not forget the former guest room turned into the starship Bunnyprise for Mocha and Hobo. The entire room is dedicated solely to them!

“Meanwhile, the kitchen has a rack with three boxes of hay and the fridge is 2/3 full of greens for rabbits.

“This literally is the House of Buns now, isn’t it?”

Abigail just blinked and thought, “Is there a problem with that?”

Dad smiled and knelt down and gave her adorable head a pet and said, “No, sweetie. Not a thing. I love you all.”

Dad's once pristine house has become the House for Buns.

Dad's once pristine house has become the House for Buns.

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