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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Importance of Bun Friends (164)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 164 – Importance of Bun Friends

Abigail watched Dad come into the room – a piece of pie in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. It was 11 PM and time for the late night news. Which meant it was also treat time!

Abigail loved to share treat time with Dad. She got so excited. She ran around in circles and binkied. As soon as Dad sat down, Abigail hopped up onto the coffee table. “Treats?” she asked with her big brown eyes.

Dad chuckled, “Hi there sweetie. Would you like your treats?”

Abigail thought, “Yes please!”

Dad pulled a Timothy Hay treat out of the bag and handed it to Abigail. Abigail sniffed it and then chinned it, which was her way of saying, “No, not that one. I’ll save this for later.”

Dad laughed and said, “Oh, not that one? How about this?” He pulled a snacker out of the bag and handed it to her.

Again, Abigail sniffed it and then chinned it. She thought, “No, Dad! I want a Duff Duff treat!”

Duff Duff treats were actually dried papaya and dried pineapple bits that her good friend Duffy sent her, all the way from the other side of the country. In turn, she sent him fresh willow every so often.

Dad grabbed the bag, which was nearly empty. Dad explained, “Oh sorry, Abigail. We are nearly out. We’re down to the crumbs. Daddy has been slipping on the job and didn’t order any more.”

Dad handed her a few morsels and Abigail gobbled them up. But she was worried. She decided to take matters into her own paws.

While Dad was watching the news, she texted Duff Duff, which was her nickname for Duffy: Out of treats. Can you please send more? STAT?

The next morning, Duff Duff texted back: Sure. I’m on it!

Three days later, Dad sat down by the coffee table to watch the news. Abigail came hopping over. Dad said, “Guess what, Abigail.  Duff Duff sent you more treats!” He opened the bags and set them on the coffee table. Abigail hopped up on the table.

Dad laughed as she stuffed her little head into the bag to grab a treat. She pulled it out and started chewing on it. She thought, “Oh yum! They’re fresh! Tell Duff Duff thanks!”

It’s important to have bun friends you can count on. Abigail was lucky to have so many good bun friends from all around the world. 

It's good to have bun friends who can help you out in a pinch!

It's good to have bun friends who can help you out in a pinch!

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