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Through Abigail’s Eyes: It’s a Bunderful Life (140)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 140 – It’s a Bunderful Life

(With apologies to Philip Van Doren Stern.)

“What are we going to do? They haven’t come back for us. I’m so scared,” cried Nyssa, a young chocolate brown lop. “I don’t know. I can’t open the door. We are stuck in here,” replied her sister Charis, a white and brown lop, “Don’t worry, something will work out,” she said bravely, trying to calm her sister. Nyssa cried, “Oh god, please help us. I don’t want to die.”

It was not how they imagined their first Christmas Eve would be. Their human had tossed them in a dumpster like trash, still locked in their cage. There was no way out for them. And it smelled bad.

Looking down upon them were a couple of bunny angels. One said, “We’ve got an urgent request from a couple of lops. Their human has thrown them in a dumpster.” The other angel said, “Oh my. Send for Clarence.” Clarence came hopping over. He had not earned his wings as a bunny angel yet. The second angel said, “Clarence, these two bunnies need our help. It’s up to you to find a way to save them.” Clarence replied, “Oh yes, sir! I’ll hop right to it. Do you think if I’m successful, this might help me earn my wings?” The second angel said, “I think it just might!”

Clarence looked over the situation. It was dire. He had to save them! The closest haven to them was The Rabbit Haven. The angels had sent many rabbits there. But how to get them there?

Clarence noticed a human near the dumpster. Summoning all his power of suggestion, he willed her over to the dumpster. As she opened the dumpster door, she saw the two frightened bunnies in a cage. “Oh my god!” she cried out, “What are you doing in here?”

She carefully lifted out the bunnies. Charis said to her sister, “See? I told you something would work out!” Nyssa just snuggled up against her sister for comfort.

Clarence was relieved. At least they had been found. Now, to get them to The Rabbit Haven. He watched as the human called the local animal shelter. Charis heard the voice on the phone say, “Yes, bring them in. We’ll take care of them.” The human quickly drove to the shelter before they closed for Christmas and dropped off the bunnies.

At the shelter, they were given an examination, blankets, and food, and then put in separate cages. Nyssa talked to her sister through the bars, “I’m scared. Now what?” Charis reassured her, “Don’t be scared. We’re OK for now.”

As Clarence expected, the shelter called Auntie Heather at The Rabbit Haven and said, “We have two lops that were just brought in. They were found in a dumpster. Can you take them?” Without any hesitation, Auntie Heather replied, “Yes, of course! Just let us know when!”

The girls would have to wait until after Christmas to be released. Meanwhile, Auntie Heather arranged for a foster home for them.

It was Monday morning after Christmas. Abigail sat by the window, chattering her teeth contentedly, as she took her morning half-nap while Dad read his email. The message came in from Auntie Heather: Can you pick up the two girls at the shelter, take their picture, and bring them to their foster home? Dad replied, “Yes, I’d be happy to!” and sprang into action.

He brought the girls to the House of Buns for pictures. As he opened the carrier door, Charis stepped out and was eager to explore. Nyssa was still scared and needed some coaxing to come out. She huddled against her sister. Dad petted them and reassured them that they were safe now.

He brought Abigail over to meet them. They were just slightly bigger than she was. Abigail thumped. She was so upset by how they had been treated. She reassured them, “Don’t worry, you’re going to be OK now. You’re with humans who will love you and take good care of you. You’re going to have a bunderful life!” Charis and Nyssa breathed a sigh of relief. The bunny angels had saved them.

As Dad carried Abigail back into the house, his shoulder brushed against the garland hanging in the doorway and a little bell on it jingled. Abigail looked up at Dad and thought, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” Dad smiled and gave her a kiss on the head and said, “Yes, that’s right, sweetie.”

Up above, Clarence had won his angel wings, thanks to Charis and Nyssa.

A bunderful life

​Abigail is happy that Charis and Nyssa were saved by some bunny angels.

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