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CHAPTER 253 – Jack-In-The-Bag

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 253 – Jack-In-The-Bag

Abigail heard Dad cry out in anguish, “No, no, say it isn’t so!”

Something was up – and it wasn’t good. Abigail ran over to Dad. “What’s the matter?” she thought.

Dad knelt down beside her and said, “Oh, Abigail. I have some terrible news. Your friend Jack-In-The-Bag died. It happened very suddenly. I’m so sorry.”

Abigail didn’t know what to think. Jack-In-The-Bag was such an energetic guy. She remembered meeting him at Midwest Bunfest. She was so impressed with how well he got around – even though he was a disabled rabbit. She even wrote about him. Nothing stopped him. He wore a Crown Royal bag over his hind legs to make it easier to glide around. He called it his “drag bag”, and hence his name, Jack-In-The-Bag.

She loved hearing about all of his adventures with his mom, Desiree. He even became an ambassador for Small Pet Select. Last year, Abigail rallied the troops and helped him win the coveted cover spot for the 2023 special needs animal calendar. He had just thrown a New Years Eve party for her, too. How could he be gone?

Rabbits could be so sturdy on the one hand, and yet, so fragile on the other.

Abigail thought about him all day. She couldn’t get him out of his mind.

That night, she dreamt that Jack came to her. He asked if she could deliver a message to his mom, since she was the “resident novelist” at Small Pet Select. Although she wasn’t a poet, Abigail tried her best to capture his sentiment:

You found me in my time of need
At my lowest point in life,
When others had abandoned me
You kept me by your side.

When people told you, “Give up hope.
He’ll never have a life.”
You said, “He came to me to live! 
He did not come to die!”

You found a way to care for me
And with your help, I thrived 
Against all odds, we made it shine
Inspiring other people’s lives.

For many years we explored the world
Some wondrous things I saw,
A life like no bun ever had 
A life most saw in awe.

My time on earth ended suddenly
I did not want to go,
I loved you for giving me my life
I just wanted you to know.

I’m glad for all the time we had
We’ll never be apart,
Cherish all the memories we made
And I’ll always be in your heart.


Jack-In-The-Bag sends a message to his mom through Abigail.

Jack-In-The-Bag sends a message to his mom through Abigail.

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