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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Learning to Speak Rabbit (97)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 97 – Learning to Speak Rabbit

Julia sat at her table at Café Bunz, waiting. Julia was the latest wild rabbit to take up residence in the BUNgalow under Abigail’s house. The air was soft from a light Spring rain. Everything was fresh, except for the Small Pet Select alfalfa hay on her plate, which was now soggy from the rain. She was not pleased.

Dad stumbled into the kitchen for his morning cup of coffee. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked out the window. There was Julia, sitting on her rock, staring at him. “Good morning, Julia! How are you?” he asked.

“Oh, waiter! This hay is soggy,” she thought. She communicated the message to Dad in the only way she knew how—in rabbit-speak. Julia stood up, turned around, and sat back down with her back to Dad. She gave him the “bunny-butt”.

Dad knew right away what that meant. “OMG! Are you giving me bunny butt?” he asked. Julia just sat perfectly still. Her cute little puffy-in-the-rear pointing at Dad.

Although Abigail had never given him bunny-butt, Bentley had taught him that “phrase” in rabbit-speak. Whenever he was annoyed with something, he would sit under the edge of the bed with his cute little butt sticking out. In case there was any question, Dad would go around to the side of the bed to talk to him. Bentley would just get up, turn his butt towards him, and sit back down.

Dad got the message. He quickly prepared a plate of fresh greens and alfalfa hay and took it outside to the Café. Julia stepped back and watched while Dad served up the food.

By the time he got back inside and looked out the window, Julia was happily munching on the dry alfalfa. “Thank you,” she thought.

Dad chuckled. Without realizing it, he had learned to speak rabbit!

Julia gives Dad the "bunny-butt" to let him know that her hay is soggy.

Julia gives Dad the "bunny-butt" to let him know that her hay is soggy.

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