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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Life and the Single Bun (157)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 157 – Life and the Single Bun

“Here’s your breakfast, sweetie!” announced Dad as he set down Abigail’s orange buffet tray. Abigail popped out of her hay tunnel and ran over to the tray. “Apple!” she thought. It was her favorite thing on the tray and always the first thing she ate. Dad always gave her two little pieces of fresh apple, each inside a toilet paper tube.

Abigail grabbed one of the paper tubes with her teeth and flung the apple slice out. She quickly devoured the juicy apple slice. “Yum!” she thought. She left the second slice untouched for later and sniffed around the tray until she found the greens she wanted to eat.

Since Abigail was a single bun, she knew that whatever she didn’t eat now would still be there later if she felt like a late morning snack, unlike with Mocha and Hobo, who were a bonded pair that lived together on the Bunnyprise. Mocha knew that he’d better eat everything he wanted right away because if he didn’t, Hobo would finish up the buffet and there’d be nothing left.

As Abigail munched on some kale, Dad asked, “Abigail, are you happy being a single bun or would you like a husbun?” Abigail stopped munching and looked up. “What? Are you kidding, Dad? Why would I want a husbun? You’re not thinking of trying to bond me with some other bun again, are you?”

Dad said, “Well, I thought you might like another bun to snuggle and play with. As much as I try, I can’t run as fast as you when we play tag. And I know how you aren’t comfortable snuggling with me on the couch.”

Abigail thought, “No, Dad! I like having my territory all to myself. I like that I can leave food for later and know it will still be there. I like that I don’t have to fight another bunny for food. And even though I know there are other buns living in the house, I like that when you’re here, I get all your attention and don’t have to share. Do you remember when you tried to bond me with Bentley? I think I was pretty clear that I didn’t want a husbun! And Bentley was pretty clear that he didn’t want a bunwife! He said he finally found a home he liked and he did NOT want to share it with anybun. Being bonded might be great for some buns, like Mocha and Hobo, who kind of live off by themselves, but not every bun wants to be bonded!”

Dad gave her a pet as she went back to munching on the kale and said, “OK Abigail. I understand. I like being single, too. I can do what I want when I want and no one messes with my stuff. As long as you’re happy, that’s what I care about.”

Being single means Abigail can save food for later and know it will still be there.

Being single means Abigail can save food for later and know it will still be there.

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