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CHAPTER 221 – Magical Moment

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 221 – Magical Moment

Enzo eyed Abigail as she approached. He had been trying to get closer to her ever since Dad introduced them seven months ago. Although they shared the same living space, Abigail always kept her distance. It was mutual coexistence.

He fought the urge to run over to meet her, remembering Dad’s advice, “She’s a girl. You have to let her come to you. Don’t chase after her. You’ll only scare her away.”

Abigail was still trying to trust Enzo. He was twice her size! She slunk over to him until they were nose-to-nose. They gave each other a sniff. Fighting the urge to flee, Abigail put her head down, granting Enzo permission to groom her.

Enzo thought, “Whoa. This is new!” Gently, he edged forward and began grooming her head. Although she was ready to bolt, Abigail held still and let him groom her. “OK, this isn’t so bad,” she thought.

After a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity to Abigail, she thought, “OK, that’s enough for now.” Shyly, she ran off.

Enzo started to follow, but changed his mind. They had shared a magical moment. They had taken a big step. It was progress. He thought, “Why ruin it?” He sat back down. He was learning.

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