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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Midnight Snacks (141)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 141 – Midnight Snacks

Abigail watched Dad come breezing into the living room – a slice of pie in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He sat down beside the coffee table and turned on the TV. It was time for his late night snack while he watched the eleven o’clock news. Abigail thought, “Oh boy! It’s snack time!”

Abigail liked to dine with Dad. Often times, even though Dad would bring her breakfast first, she would wait until he sat down to eat before she would start. She had very good manners. So when Dad had his late night snack, she wanted hers, too.

Recently, Dad had covered the glass coffee table with fleece. He placed a pillow from one of the couches beside the table, which made it easier for Abigail to hop onto the table. Abigail knew that’s where the treats were kept.

She stood up, stretched, and ambled over to the pillow. She hopped onto it and peered over the top. Dad looked across the table and saw two little ears pop up and then her eyes. The coast was clear, so she hopped onto the fleece-covered table and sniffed around. 

“Hi sweetie. Is it snack time?” asked Dad. Abigail thought, “Oh yes! I’d like my snack, too, please.”

Dad placed a pinch of raw, shelled sunflower seeds on the table. “Ooohh, my favorite!” thought Abigail, as she gobbled them up. As any bun parent knows, you should always have treats ready, so Dad pulled out a couple of her favorite treats.

When the seeds were gone, Abigail looked up at Dad. He asked, “Which do you want? A snacker or a Duff Duff treat?” The Duff Duff treat was actually some dried papaya that her friend Duffy had sent. Dad handed her a snacker first. Abigail sniffed it and then chinned it, which meant, “Not right now, I’ll save it for later.” Dad then offered her the dried papaya. She took one sniff, grabbed it with her teeth and began chewing on it. She liked that Dad offered her a choice and that he could communicate with her.

After she finished nibbling on the papaya, she came back over to Dad. “May I have that snacker now?” she asked with her eyes. Dad smiled, “Here you go, sweetie,” as he handed her the snacker.

Done with her midnight snack, Abigail hopped off the table and back to her spot. She knew soon it would be massage time!

Abigail hops onto the coffee table to search for treats.

​Abigail hops onto the coffee table to search for treats.

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