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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Naughty Bunny (172)

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Chapter 172 – Naughty Bunny

Crash! Dad was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when he heard something hit the floor. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a white flash go past the door. "Hmmm," he thought, "I wonder what that was all about?”

Dad's eyes scanned the bedroom like searchlights. There, on the floor, was the treat container. Fortunately, the lid was still closed. “Bentley! Did you knock over the treat container?” he asked aloud.

Bentley sheepishly came back into the bedroom. He thought, "I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't want to bother you, so I thought I'd try getting the treats myself. Yeah, that's it."

Dad just laughed, “Nice try, little guy. You’re pretty smart, aren’t you? Dad opened the treat container and pulled out a treat. He handed it to Bentley and said, “Here you go.”

Bentley grabbed the treat with his teeth and thought, "Thanks, Dad. But, you know, you could just leave that open, and I could help myself!" It seemed to make perfect sense to Bentley.

Dad gave him a pat on the head and laughed, "Sorry little guy. It wouldn't be good for you if I just let you free roam the treat container. So you'll just have to keep asking."

Bentley attempts to "help himself" to the treat container.

Bentley attempts to "help himself" to the treat container.

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