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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Neighborhood Watch (79)

Abigail at her typewriter

It was a lovely Sunday.  Dad prepared breakfast for Abigail and Bentley and then his own favorite breakfast of apricot and cranberry scones and veggie bacon, and sat down on the floor beside Abigail to eat their Sunday brunch together. It was their Sunday ritual.

“Abigail, do you know what day it is? It’s Sunday! Time for Brunch with Belinda!” Even though Belinda wasn’t actually there, it felt like she visited when he read her blog to her. Abigail thought, “Oh boy!” She was always curious to hear what her boss was up to. Abigail wolfed down her breakfast and settled into her loaf position so Dad could read the blog to her. As soon as he finished his breakfast, Dad pulled out the tablet and began reading Belinda’s Blog aloud.

abigail on alert

But barely two sentences in, Abigail sat bolt upright, ears straight up. She ran to the middle of the room and thumped, facing the front door. Red Alert!
Dad stopped reading. “What’s the matter Abigail?” he asked. Abigail just stared at the door, not moving. Dad heard some birds chirping outside, so he thought he’d better go investigate. 

Dad opened the screen door and stepped out into the morning sun. Sure enough, there was a bird making a racket. But it wasn’t just chirping, it was screeching! In fact, it was an angry screech. A black cat was in the garden, stalking the bird. Dad sprung into action and chased after the cat. The cat bolted through the yard and hopped over the fence. Dad looked around to make sure the coast was clear—he wanted to make sure the wild buns were safe!

Once the cat was gone, the bird stopped screeching. Dad went back inside. Abigail settled back into her loaf position. Apparently, there was a neighborhood watch system in place. All the animals watched out for each other. “Good job, Abigail! The cat is gone. The buns are fine,” reassured Dad. He gave her a pet, and then sat down to finish reading Belinda’s Blog.

Abigail was relieved. It took teamwork to protect her fluffle, which now included her wild friends outside. 

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