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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chapter 212 – Party Time!

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 212 – Party Time!

“OK, time for bed,” said Dad, “Goodnight guys. Behave yourselves. I’ll see you in the morning.” Abigail, Enzo, and foster bunny Tara sat quietly in the living room, each in their own “spot,” looking perfectly innocent. They watched as Dad turned off the lights and left the room.

“Party time!” screamed Tara. Being a baby, she was full of energy. She ran past Enzo. Enzo chased after her. Abigail, always the good girl, sat on the side and thought, “Uh guys, I don’t think we should be doing this.” Tara ran past the coffee table. Enzo hopped up on the couch and then skidded to a halt on the coffee table. “Oooh, things to chew on!” he thought.

“Aww, come on Abigail, play with us!” shouted Tara as she ran past. Not wanting to be a party pooper, Abigail began digging on her fleece blanket. Tara ran behind the couch and dug at the carpet.

Meanwhile, below them in his bedroom, Dad was sharing a quiet moment with Bentley as he gave him his nightly pets. “Thrrmmp, thrrmmp, thrrmmp,” went feet across the ceiling. “Thud!” as something hit the floor. “What is going on up there?” Dad asked Bentley. Bentley didn’t care. He was blissfully enjoying his pets.

“I’m sorry, Bentley. I’d better go check and make sure everything is OK,” said Dad. Dad headed upstairs to the living room. He flipped on the lights. “What’s going on up here?” asked Dad. Suddenly, all the commotion stopped. “Ruh ro,” thought Enzo.

The scene in front of him reminded Dad of the party scene from the Peter Rabbit movie. He half expected to see a rabbit hanging from a lamp. Enzo stood in the middle of the coffee table, chewing on a card. Abigail sat on the floor in the middle of some bunched up fleece. And little Tara was mid-dig by the couch. They looked like teenagers who had just been busted throwing a party while the parents were away. “Uh, hi Dad,” thought Abigail, “We thought you were asleep.”

Dad just shook his head and smiled. “Is everybody OK?” Abigail mustered up all the cuteness she could and thought, “Yes. We’re fine. Just having a little fun.” Dad said, “OK, as long as you’re all OK. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some fight going on. Try not to destroy the living room. Good night.”

Dad turned off the lights and headed back downstairs. “Whew!” thought Enzo, “I thought we were going to be in big trouble!”

The bunnies continued on with their party, albeit much more quietly.

The party at the House of Buns reminds Dad of the party scene in the movie Peter Rabbit

The party at the House of Buns reminds Dad of the party scene in the movie Peter Rabbit

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