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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Pawprints in the Sand (152)

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CHAPTER 152 – Pawprints in the Sand

As Dad walked down the hall, he noticed several indents in the freshly vacuumed carpet. He smiled as he recognized what they were. The four elongated indents were Bentley’s pawprints. It was one of his half-nap spots where he’d loaf during the day.

It was the same spot where his cat, Miss Bean, would leave pawprints as she walked. After she passed away, the last remaining signs of her were those pawprints in the carpet. But like footprints in the sand, they eventually faded away.

It was those pawprints that made Dad realize how quickly time passes by and that his furry friends were only on this earth for a limited time. It was what made him vow to always make time for Abigail and Bentley when he adopted them.

It reminded Dad of the lyrics to Leona Lewis’ song, "Footprints in the Sand":

You walked with me when I was all alone

With so much unknown along the way

Then I heard you say,

I promise you I’m always there

When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair

I’ll carry you when you need a friend

You’ll find my footprints in the sand

The pawprints they left in the carpet might fade away with time, but the pawprints they left on Dad’s heart would remain forever.                                     

pawprints in the sand

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