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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chapter 208 – Quality Time

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CHAPTER 208 – Quality Time

Enzo felt the warm sun on his coat. A light breeze gently stroked his lionhead “floofs” of fur. He could smell Redwood trees all around him. Every so often, he felt Dad’s fingers gently stroke his ears and head.

It was bliss. Enzo loved lap time with Dad. He could sit there for hours. It was so peaceful outside on the deck. And he had Dad’s full attention.

“Are feeling better, Enzo?” asked Dad. Enzo thought, “Oh yes, much better, thanks.”

Recently, Enzo had been depressed. The spring in his step was gone. When he first came to live at the House of Buns, Dad would always spend an hour every night with him alone, just watching TV together. But now that he wasn’t confined to his room and could roam freely, Dad no longer focused on just him. Yet every night, he watched Dad give Abigail her nightly massage. Just the two of them. It made him sad.

He lost his appetite. And instead of running out to greet Dad in the morning, he just stayed in his room. After a couple of days of this, Dad went in to his room and knelt down beside him and asked, “Is something bothering you, little guy? Are you feeling neglected?” Enzo didn’t respond. “Come on, I have an idea,” said Dad. He gently picked up Enzo and carried him outside. He sat down on the patio rocking chair, placed Enzo on a towel in his lap, and began petting him.

Enzo loved the attention! “Do you want a hug?” asked Dad. He placed Enzo against his chest and gave him more pets. Enzo closed his eyes and purred. Dad was thrilled! He always wanted a bunny who liked to be hugged. None of the other rabbits liked this. After about an hour of this, Enzo felt much better. He stood up in Dad’s lap, looked around, and then started digging to let Dad know he was ready to get down. Dad carried Enzo back inside and set him down. Enzo hopped over to his buffet tray and devoured his breakfast. His appetite was back!

Each rabbit at the House of Buns had their own way of spending alone time with Dad and now Enzo had his. The next morning, he eagerly ran out to greet Dad. For once again, he felt loved.

Enzo purrs in contentment as he enjoys quality time with Dad.

Enzo purrs in contentment as he enjoys quality time with Dad.

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